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It’s not often you get drummers making solo albums – you could possibly name a few, but here’s one that should have the tastebuds tingling as in-demand percussionist Evan Carson prepares his first solo release. His pedigree as well as his beard, put simply, is highly impressive.

Amidst current touring bouts with folk acts Sam Kelly and the Lost Boys (BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards Best Group Nominees), The Willows, Georgia Lewis (BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards Horizon Nominee), in 2016, he alsorecorded percussion for Russian duo IAMTHEMORNING’s Lighthouse (PROG  Album of the Year 2016) and has gone on to tour with them throughout Europe and Russia. In 2018, Evan also guested on piano virtuoso Gleb Kolyadin’s (imthemorning) solo album (our review here) opposite drummer Gavin Harrison (Porcupine Tree) and Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater).

The project forms part of an ongoing story inspired by George Ocipinski and members of the various Polish Resistance Units across Europe during 1939 – 1945. The collaboration between musicians from the UK, Iceland and Russia blends folk, progressive and classical elements.

Get a brief preview of Shards here:

This particular track highlights only one small part the journey of Evan’s Grandfather’s through the Second World War, from escaping a labour camp in Eastern Europe, to joining the French Resistance during the Allied Landings in Normandy and beyond. The purpose of this project is to fill in the gaps and bring the whole story of both his Grandfather and other Poles to life. Musically, this song focuses on piano, strings and bodhran influenced by Eastern European time signatures.

Having been treated to a private preview of the full track, this looks like being a fascinating and ambitious work.

Written by Evan Carson

Lyrics by Evan Carson and Georgia Lewis

Vocals – Georgia Lewis

Piano – Gleb Kolyadin (iamthemorning)

Strings – Karl James Pestka (ex-Árstíðir)

Flutes – Toby Shaer

Percussion, Vocals – Evan Carson

Additional Sound Design, Production and Engineering – Joshua Franklin

Mastered by Josh Clarke/Get Real Audio

Written and Recorded in the UK and Russia


You can find the Evan’s website here

He  is also on  Facebook  and Instagram  and you see more on YouTube


Feature by Mike Ainscoe. You can find more of Mike’s writing on Louder Than War at his author’s archive. He can be found on Facebook and his website is



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