Since 2010, there’s been a sharp rise in insecure work coupled with a withdrawal of public funds – with arbitrary figures decided upon by the incumbent slave masters during budget season. Consequently, our National Health Service, considered one of the best in the world only two years ago, is now at breakingpoint with corporate vultures circling to bid for the best bones to pick. We have record levels of destitution and a severe housing crisis with Dickensian Landlords and loan sharks given more protection than the people they’re evicting.

We also live in an era where access to information has never been easier. You may have to scout about for a few different sources to decide who is lying to you the least but really, by now, we shouldn’t be solely reliant on the British press for shaping our world view. The time is ripe for a mass awakening. Or at least a humble rise in pitchfork sales.

Instead, the obvious and direct consequences of globalisation and Whitehall policies are being blamed on people who entered the world through a non- English vagina. A swarm of migrants that have the temerity to take English jobs. Jobs that should belong to the indigenous population. From the sought after, low paid menial jobs to the brain surgery posts within the NHS, it is common knowledge that any hard working Brit could do them a thousand times better. If only the country wasn’t overrun with foreigners on benefits, with ten kids each, picking strawberries for 12 hours a day in between raping our women and indoctrinating our young.

Some people have always gorged on red tops and other Establishment mouth pieces looking for a scapegoat. Instead of venting their frustration on the Government they choose more tangible targets. That’s to be expected in a country that reminisces about the halcyon days of Empire, romanticising horrific and needless wars that they were never involved in. It’s one of the extraordinary popular delusions that frame the English identity.

Until recently, the cult of the Little Englander was more of a benign threat but now the steady diet of fear and skewered patriotism has coalesced into a disgusting blob of widespread public opinion. The hate virus has gone live and it’s infecting our cognitive capabilities en masse. This evanescent mountain of shit has become the prism through which all political discussion is viewed; the desecrated graveyard of common sense and reason where society’s regression into statistic slinging apes takes place.

After decades of media irresponsibility, stoking the tribal fires and embedding mistrust of the other, the Establishment are realising that Pandora’s Box cannot be closed. So they pander to it instead. The basest arguments and the most divisive rhetoric are no longer confined to far right pamphlets or graffiti stained underpasses. They are shared on social media forums and flaunted in the public sphere by politicians and the public alike.

If this referendum campaign was based on facts and evidence, the case for remain and leave would be a lot harder to distinguish. Both could be reasonably perceived as a Sophie’s Choice of lesser evils. Stay and risk being at the beck and call of unelected bureaucrats, shackled to the laws of TTIP; or leave and be condemned to face the Tories without the Hannibal Lector masks, quickly drifting into isolated irrelevance.

Instead it’s been one of the most venomous, dirtiest political campaigns in recent memory, foregoing any semblance of fact for emotive lies and spin.

There are serious arguments to be had on both sides. But – if your sole reason for wanting to leave is because you want your country back, then I recommend you finish work on your time machine and singlehandedly stop the Roman, Celtic, Germanic, Norman and Danish invasions. You may find that you no longer exist when you return to the present day but at least the bloodlines will be pagan pure and the untouched lands, green and pleasant.

People’s perceptions of being overrun are not in line with reality. There are far fewer migrants in the country than the press would have you believe and those that are here are not harming the already fragile economyunlike a certain Tory Chancellor hell bent on letting Friedman economics run its unnatural course. That isn’t to say that the planet is not fit to burst or that we’re not consuming at an alarming rate. But surely, there’s a measured discussion to be had on how we progress in our inevitable journey towards Armageddon, instead of dehumanising people because they have a different passport and speak several languages instead of just one.

Even the most ardent Daily Mail reader has more in common with the average non-British national than they do with Billionaire press barons and Enoch Powell throwbacks. These people who jerk your heartstrings like shadowy marionette masters have nothing in common with you. They despise you for your ignorance and willingness to believe anything they say. Your predictability is something they rely on to sway governments and continue making kings out of pawns. Likewise, with Messrs Farage, Johnson and Gove. They are drowning in political capital because we are so willing to spend it on false prophets who ‘tell it like it is’.

Last week there was a referendum truce.

Instead of bile and hatred, the front pages were full of tributes to Jo Cox, a humanitarian MP who fought for a more inclusive country, killed by a man who wanted to put Britain first. The cognitive dissonance is astounding. Only 24 hours beforehand, these newspapers were telling the nation that we were being overrun and swamped by migrants who were pushing us to breaking point.

Do not believe that they have suddenly discovered a soul.

They’ll do anything to feign empathy if the moment calls for it because their biggest fear is that we will unite and focus our ire on them, exposing the husk of lies that divide and rule us.

Hacks and careerist politicians alike.

It’s something they’re all thinking. They’re just too afraid to print it.

All words by Nathan McIlroy. You can read more from him on Louder Than War here


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