Eskimonde: A Decade of Eskimo Records – album review
Eskimonde: A Decade of Eskimo Records (Eskimo Records)

Louder Than War’s Nick Wood investigates the epic 5 Disc Eskimo records retrospective.

This beautiful 5 CD box set from the popular Belgian Label Eskimo Records has done what no other mix album has done since the first Renaissance compilation all those years ago, it didn’t leave the CD player in the car or the house for a couple of weeks as it was just too bloody good.

CD’s 1 & 2 are have an excellent mixture of previously released material from the Eskimo Records catalogue; CD 3 is unreleased remixes featuring the excellent Oliver Remix of Aeroplane’s “We Can’t Dance”. CD’s 4 and 5 feature mixes from Dave and Mo of Glimmer fame.

A nice surprise was hearing Lindstrom and Prins Thomas’, “Boney M Down” which is probably my favorite electronic track of the year, although I do have a habit of saying that about quite a lot of music. The beat sits at that comfortable tempo throughout and maybe could have done with a few changes but that’s not a major gripe.

There is such a variation of artists and mixes here that even it made reviewing this release a difficult task. You can’t like everything on such a varied mix over 5 CD’s but this is a very strong compilation and the packaging makes it even more desirable.

Guitar led tracks segue nicely into retro 80’s sounding techno seamlessly and that’s what has made this compilation a stayer.

One major disappointment is the fact Eskimo records are holding a release party on the 31st October in their hometown on Ghent, Belgium and I can’t go.

If it’s anything like the quality of this box set then it will be an excellent party. Makes you look forward to the next ten years!!

Eskimo records can be found on Facebook and on Twitter.

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