Back in February we reported that Brighton band Esben and the Witch had instigated a Pledge Music campaign to raise funds to (self) release their new album and to get Steve Albini to produce it. That campaign was obviously successful for today we’ve received details about the now completed album, A New Nature, along with a track for you all to listen to, Blood Teachings.

A New Nature is Esben and the Witch’s third full-length album within five years, and their first since they departed from Matador Records. By self-releasing the album the band have taken control of every aspect of the recording, including changing the very way they compose the material and stripping back the sonic production. They’ve even established their own Nostromo imprint for the album’s release.

Picking out a couple or three nuggets from the press release:

“A New Nature is the sound of Esben and the Witch rewiring their well-worn punky, cinematic post-rock and tearing into the challenges ahead of them with their sleeves rolled up and fangs out. ”

“…this Esben and the Witch is unconcerned with tags and terms, instead committed only to producing the most enveloping, electrifying and fulfilling music they can.”

“Those familiar with Albini’s work might connect the dots between uncompromising fare like this and his recordings for PJ Harvey and Neurosis – yes, A New Nature does get that heavy.”

Meanwhile the band themselves have been quoted as saying:

“We wanted to create a record that had a level of purity to it. To strip away the layers and loops and see what lay beneath. To keep things naked, unadorned and raw. The three of us, in a room, making noise. We looked to create a more primal record, full of human emotion and sonic intensity. Drawing on themes of endurance, strength, determination and self-actualisation. Themes that have always inspired us but perhaps, only now, a few years down the line, a few years of touring under our belts, we feel we have the confidence and maturity to explore and shout about.”

The track list and cover art can be found below this stream of Blood Teaching’s:



  • 1. Press Heavenwards!
  • 2. Dig Your Fingers In
  • 3. No Dog
  • 4. The Jungle
  • 5. Those Dreadful Hammers
  • 6. Wooden Star
  • 7. Blood Teachings
  • 8. Bathed In Light


Esben and the Witch’s website is here: They’re also on Facebook and they tweet as @WEAREEATW.


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