Eric Clapton successfully wins case against woman selling £8.45 bootleg CDEric Clapton has been one of the rock curmudgeons even since he was a young man. His career is littered with unpleasantness. From his infamous on stage Enoch Powell speech in the late seventies to his recent anti-lockdown protest song with Van Morrison the unfortunately named Do You Want To Be A Slave.

Now the guitarist has won a legal battle against a woman selling a bootleg live-recording CD of his on eBay for €9.95 (£8.45). The German woman lost the copyright infringement case and has to pay Clapt Out a sum of money and all the court costs.

Has he not got anything better to do?



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  1. You obviously don’t like Eric Clapton but it is important that artists retain copyright of their material. This applies to all artists, not just the big stars you personally dislike.


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