Louder Than War LargeIt’s been a fractious and ugly week.

A sobering week when a very English civil war came to the surface. A grinding low level anger is flaring up. Fires stoked by scheming politicians and a society that has cut adrift the working class.

The referendum has become the flashpoint for a rebellion. Disgruntlment is driving the ballot box. Many people, of course, are voting either any with their heads and many with their hearts maybe fed up with being tutted at.

No matter how good or bad the arguments are the referendum has turned into something very different.

The Brexit campaign remains solidly in the lead and Cameron’s great folly in calling the referendum has backfired spectacular on him.

The British have always been suspicious of Europe but this is far more deep rooted than that.

Whether you are Remain or Brexit your arguments matter little . This is finally an opportunity for the biggest V sign to the cosy consensus for decades. Maybe Brexit has played in fears of immigration, maybe there has been a campaign of lies and deceit but the great fed up, a large chunk of the forgotten working class have ganged up on the establishment and whether it’s right or wrong are sticking a defiant V sign to the establishment and the chattering classes.

First they came come for football and then for pop culture and then for the TV – everywhere you look the middle classes have taken over. In the sixties the only escape was a boxing. Music or football now every corner of the culture has been taken. The artful belch of the Sex Pistols replaced by the polished indie pop of Coldplay. Whole levels of society denigrated as ‘chavs’, laughed at, sneered at and patronized.

The disenfranchised and the disposed are getting their own back. The voices so often ignored or downgraded or sneered and sniffed at by the ruling classes are getting their revenge and the agenda has shifted and the U.K has dramatically changed. The Labour Party – so long the voice of the people is trapped between two sets of differing voting wrongs from the the middle class with its liberal cosy ness and the working class with a very different set of fears. It’s a conundrum they need to solve fast. If they can.

The more the arguments to remain is presented the more it is rejected. Tired of losing a collective voice, tired of seeing their culture appropriated the great ignored have risen up and the revolution has arrived but not in the way that anyone ever thought it would.

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