Eurovision meltdown
Eurovision meltdown

Engelbert Humperdinck eurovision song is shockingly good

It should have been a disaster.

The Eurovision song contest is famously laughable. A kitsch, camp romp through the European musical dustbins it is there for a laugh.

The idea that a 76 year old singer with a funny name was going to save the UK’s blushes was treated with much contempt but after years of ethic X factor cast offs, risible singers dressed as air hostesses and Terry Wogan claiming it was a fix because East European countries voted for each other despite the fact they all hated each other something had to be done.

Unlikely as it would see Engelbert has puled off a major coup and is fronting a song that is almost neo Nick Cave or a Rick Rubin version of Johnny Cash in its swooning, swooping, melancholic balladry. it’s quite possibly the best Eurovision song that the UK has ever come up with.

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  1. This has thrown a new perspective on it for me. I actually…very much agree with the author’s sentiment…yeah

  2. eurovision wasn’t always a joke, back in the 70’s it was pretty good, of course the mighty Abba won it in 74 and only the most blinkered wouldn’t rate the super swedes. I also seem to recall some great,catchy winners like Teach In from Holland and of course the UKs Brotherhood of Man.

  3. Quite enjoy the rubbish ones to be honest…not sure it’s meant to be a place to unearth songwriting genius?

    Good for a laugh is how I sees it.


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