Empty Pools: Saturn Reruns – album review

Empty Pool: Saturn Reruns (Battle Wordwide Recordings/Enclaves)
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Bristol based indie rock band Empty Pools keeps the Battle Worldwide Recordings streak of great albums alive and well with Saturn Reruns, reviewed by Louder Than War’s Chris Hearn.

At this point, I feel like my opinion is a bit biased when it comes to artists on Battle Worldwide Recordings. This is the fourth album I have received from a band on that label, and now the fourth one I will be giving a rave review to. It seems that label owner Darren Smallman and I share a whole pile of similar musical tastes. And, once again, he has found me a band that I feel a connection with, that just sounds great, looks great …. IS great.

Empty Pools have a lot of hip, indie poppy goodness with a slight jazz undertones at times. It’s quite radio friendly, but way too hip to be dismissed as merely a radio friendly unit shifting band. Too much artistic goodness here. At times, they remind me a lot of Ash, which has been one of my favourite poppy punky kind of bands over the years. Silversun Pickups comes to mind here, especially in the vocals (provided by the talented Leah, who may or may not have a last name), though they aren’t nearly as melancholy. These guys are happy! They sound like they are having fun and smiling, in a dreamy, jammy kind of way, especially in the 7 plus minute Debris.


It’s hard to pick a favourite here in terms of songs. I really do like every darn song on this whole darn album. Holding Pattern is a nice, softer poppy song that is nice to chill out too, as is Slack Tide. The kids still use the word chill, right? First single Exploding View is just a beautiful, fun pop song with some good, full on energy at times which should get a few kids jumping around at a live gig. And, I also love the video which is simple, clean, black and white and beautifully shot. It suits the band perfectly, as far as I’m concerned. It is an excellent, strong song that does a killer job of representing this band and what they have to offer.

So, once again, I wrap up a review of a Battle Worldwide Recordings release with nothing but favourable views. Once again, the label has picked up an incredible band that deserves the hype, praise and acknowledgement that they do appear to be getting thus far from names like Spin, NME, BBC and Pitchfork. Once again, I have an album on my MP3 playing device that is being played over and over and over again, with new little bits and nuances to pick up each and every time that makes me love the thing just a little bit more.


Be sure to check out Empty Pools on Tumblr, Facebook Twitter and BandCamp.

Words by Chris Hearn. More writing by Chris on Louder Than War can be found here.

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