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Due to illness, Photographer Michael Brumby took up reviewing duties as well as photographing Emilie and her Ogden (Harp).

Emilie & Ogden

Louisiana, Bristol

3rd March 2016

The Louisiana has made a name for its self in the Bristol music scene hosting some of the biggest acts to grace Bristol with it presence. Despite its small music space it has a real charm and intimate setting for all kinds of music. Tonight I ventured out to see the Emilie and Ogden

As I had little experience of E&O’s music I did a bit of research, I instantly became a fan of her entrancing harp melody’s supported by an incredible voice, to say the least I was excited to see  how they would it sound live.


Emilie took to the stage with her bird cage light, a stool and of course Ogden (who is a harp just to clear things up) Emilie play Ogden (harp) effortlessly and like a pro effortless summoning intensely moving melody’s. What really stood out was her capability to totally hypnotise the room. Emilie has one of those voices where they can take any song and make it sound beautiful, as she did with Taylor swifts Style not a song I’m a particular fan of yet Emilies rendition of this Famous hit by TS was incredible.


Emilie’s song Ten Thousand silenced the room with superb voice control and just lovely lulls or harp playing. I came away from the gig thinking i wouldn’t mind taking up the harp.

I am in no doubt that Emilie and of course Ogden has a hugely bright career in music ahead of them, if you get the chance well worth seeing them live. The emotional embrace Emile captures you in is moving and just beautiful .for a solo musician to capture the audience like that is a real talent and something I’m sure Emilie and Ogden have worked tirelessly to perfect.

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Emilie and Ogden have unfortunately finished there touring visit of the UK and are now back in Canada.

Tweet her on Twitter twitter.com/emilieandogdenAnd check out here website https://www.emilieandogden.com/

All words & photos by Michael Brumby.

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