Capital FM Arena, Nottingham
26 November 2012

Live review

We sent LTW photographer Elspeth Moore along to see Elbow on the opening night of their current tour.

The support, Here We Go Magic, were carefully chosen to whir up the audience.

It’s difficult to put a finger on who they are like – certainly a sound of their own – but if you said ‘tell me or die’, well,  I suppose echoes of The Grateful Dead, The Vaccines and delicious Spiritualized for their repetitive loops and then catchy melodies.

A delight on first hearing.

But we’re really here for the main event: Elbow.

Once again original video visuals to bring the lads onto the stage, building the excitement to loud cheering.

Guy has the audience in his hand. It’s a real talent to give a vast arena the feeling of an intimate gig. Pointing at individuals and making their night (and the 20 around them swearing it was them he gestured at).

“When I think of Nottingham I think of Robin Hood… then Kevin Costner… then THAT song, and then THAT guitar solo” garnered pantomime type boos at given times.

The show is full of special moments. In the middle of the floor on the raised small stage the five friends gathered round the keyboard to play and sing The Night Will Always Win. Guy holding onto Pete’s shoulder and with backs to the audience STILL managed to make each member of the crowd a part of the performance rather than a voyeur.

Elbow on their own are the perfect pint of beer BUT The Elbow String Quartet was the cold glass that supported their magnificent, emotional, heartfelt music and lyrics.

All words and images by Elspeth Moore. You can see more from Elspeth on LTW here.


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