Eight Rounds RapidEight Rounds Rapid : Onesie – incredible new video

Eight Rounds Rapids third album Love Your Work was one of Louder Than Wars Albums Of the Year 2020. The subsequent interview with vocalist Dave Alexander was one of the most remarkable on the site all year.  The new video for the song Onesie is incredible…

The press release starts…

Modern life is shit and pointless. Phones, beer, sex, chips. Garish bright flashing lights. Mere distractions.

And continues…

Inspired by the song of the same name by Essex post-punk four-piece Eight Rounds Rapid, from their third studio album ‘Love Your Work’, Onesie is a shank-sharp satire on our soulless and much-beloved Instagram-obsessed post-Brexit Britain, directed by Henry Littlechild and Tony Burke.

Eight Rounds Rapid have always made great, striking videos for their tense, idiosyncratic songs, from Day One.

There was ‘Stalker‘, directed by Toby Longbottom in 2011. One long slow shot jarring against the frenetic pace. No budget but very effective.

Then came the 2012 Cat and Weasel Production of Channel Swimmer. Memorable for it’s monochrome faded seaside glamour and the band in trunks, swimming goggles & caps.

2017 saw the utterly brilliant I Like It video – set at a wedding reception which descends into beautifully shot carnage.

Talent was also a work of sinister genius with Simon Cowell being kidnapped and the band playing with red-stockings over their heads and the intimation of a bit of playful torture.

Ratton was a garish Eurotrash freakshow which is as nightmarish as it is psychedelic. The band don’t appear in it but actor Ewen Macintosh makes his second appearance in an ERR video.

Love Don’t from Love Your Work has a very cool video, animated in the style of a vintage arcade game.

Eight Rounds Rapid seem to take their videos very seriously and want them to stand as interesting works of visual art as well as to complement the song. The latest has the high-production values of a decent British gangster movie. The band are only seen fleetingly in it and they employ a top actor for the main role, Tom Vaughan-Lawlor (Peaky Blinders, Avengers: Infinity War).  It’s brutal, comic and compulsive.

Onesie tells the inconvenient story of most of our lives. A sudden birth; thrown from the passenger seat of a speeding Ford Racing Puma, into the full glare of cheap provincial living. Then a lonely eventless death a short while later, on the cold lonely pavement of an after-hours Essex seafront. In between, an adventure of sorts, but nothing of real any consequence.

Brit Gangster movies, Lindsay Anderson films, and inspired, surrealist anti-rock’n’roll. There is not another band around like Eight Rounds Rapid.  They are in a class of their own.

Music as duty. Love their work.

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All words Ged Babey (with PR content italicized)

(Photo credit: Paul Hughes)

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  1. These guys are okay, and I think their anti-music stance is working well for them.
    Before I remember them when they were called by the name Meatfist and then their music had much more substance and more music to it.


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