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Ed Sheeran use of live looping at Glastonbury confuses many but it’s not ‘fake’ or ‘backing tracks’



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  1. Absolutely nothing wrong with using a loop station, takes a lot of practice and balls to use live, especially at Glasto. Plus its all live, are people that stupid these days.

  2. Who doesn’t use backing tracks and additional shit? You think U2 make all that noise with a guitar, bass and drumkit? Open your ears, jackass!

  3. I’m not exactly a fan of Ed but looping live is extremely difficult to pull off.

    I’ve watched the artist Kawehi on youtube doing live looping covers (and her own stuff) and it’s quite an art form. And it *is* live.

  4. Most of the grime artists, dance acts I watched at Glasters actually did have backing tracks or djs spinning records – just saying…. and used to great effect and with no negative comeback….

  5. Hey, I’m no Ed Sheeran fan either but it is very true that looping is bloody hard to do to that standard. Takes years of practice; I do it myself. One error and your track is nigh on ruined, or you restart, which accounts to the same thing.

    I seem to remember from the tele coverage he had a cock up with an out of tune loop during bloodstream, but managed to save the track which is some doing in front of an audience that size.

    It’s slightly ironic that much of his actual fanbase has a) no idea what he is up to onstage b) how much work it takes to learn to do it.

    Contrastingly, I imagine most people on this site actually understand looping, but are not into his music at all…

  6. David Ford has been making great use of loop effects for years and I find watching him build a track such as State of the Nation absolutely compelling.

  7. Also not a big ed Sheehan fan but respect him as a musician and he has a lot of talent.dont know what all the fuss is about, looping has been used for years by many artists.badly drawn boy i remember using looping to great effect some years ago.haters gonna hate

  8. Ed was ace at Glasto I was there. It was awesome to see him loop his tracks.

    But Glasto is not my cup of tea, well over rated

  9. Well Radiohead Used loop station in 2 tracks – Bloom and the very end of weird fishes I don’t hear any complaints about that

  10. Personally, I can’t fucking stand Ed Sheeran, he’s clearly a talented bloke, but his tunes aren’t my sort of thing.
    People need to get real though.
    Loops/samples/backing tracks are a massive part of modern music.

    Anyone dismissing them is either ignorant, too old fashioned, or probably can’t play anything themselves and is just “trying to be cool”.

    I use pre-recorded backing tracks live all the time. I write and record it all so its me anyway and it gives the so-called “solo” musician an extra element to include in their live set up to make things more interesting and to open up more options.

    There is nothing wrong with looping/sampling/backing tracks.
    Particularly using loop stations live. That in itself is a fucking talent

    Ask Liam Howlett, The Chemical Brothers, Leftfield, The Charlatans, Ian Brown, Ashcroft, Oasis – the list could go on and on. All of these and many more musicians & bands use or have used an element of looping in the past and in the present.
    If you’ve not noticed, its either not been mentioned or you’re not watching close enough.

    Happy Wednesday.


  11. Let’s not forget what’s most important here- regardless of what his stuff is played on or how it’s played Ed Sheeran is fucking awful – the death of music and the death of culture , and stuffed full of vile insidious misogyny to boot .

  12. Listen to Wang Dang Doodle – Willie Dixon and Ko Ko Taylor – or any musical form that’s influenced R’n’B – riffs, repetition, and addition and subtraction are 9/10ths of the law…

  13. Like the word says: “Live” looping is (ta ta ta taaa!!!) LIVE. It’s sophisticated and a tricky thing to do playing live. Chapeau!


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