Ecstasy can cure cancer

Ecstasy can cure cancer

Scientists are now claiming that ecstasy can cure cancer…the controversial rave drug is under tests as a cure for the disease. For years scientists thought there was some cure link but thought the doses were so large that it would be really bad for the patient but they have now found a way of decreasing the dose to make it work.

Apparently it’s something to do eith the way the chemicals in ecstasy react with the receptors in the brain tripping up the cancer massages…if any readers want to get this bit right please comment…

It’s still several years from being useable but another interesting twist in the history of the drug that has killed a few people through misuse as well as being a drug that changed thousands of lives and was the principal driver of the rave generation in the late eighties and was tabloid hate drug at the time despite the fact that alcohol and cigarettes were responsible for far more drug related deaths.


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