DCD1E692-1A41-4B93-84CD-B5C0CAD98F03Legendary Liverpool band Echo And The Bunnymen caused a Facebook meltdown when they tried to move the date of their upcoming Birmingham concert with an orchestra because it clashed with Liverpool playing in the champions league final. The band who have recorded an album with full orchestra which we have heard parts of (sounds great…) were caught in the middle of Thor twin passions with their love of Liverpool FC and the biggest game for years landing on same date as their show but after the ticket holders expressed their thoughts on Facebook they have decided to play the original date- question is will they have a telly on the stage? Will the gig be euphoric if the Redmen win or a glum set if the show pony scores a hat trick for Real or will club and band celebrate heavy metal football?

Mr Klopp was unavailable for comment…

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