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Eat Lights Become Lights – Into Forever (Rocket Girl)



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Eat Lights Become Lights recently released their new album ‘Into Forever’ they describe it as ‘flowing and organic, sounds building upon sounds until they’ve reached an impossible height propelled by a thunderous motorik beat.’ Adrian Bloxham has been listening to it for Louder Than War, read his review below.

This album carries on the tradition of repetitive, forward moving music in the vein of the great Krautrock bands, people like Spacemen 3 and Loop, all the sonic engineers you have loved over the years, all put together and shunted into the future You know when the Millennium Falcon goes into hyper drive and all the stars turn into lines, that’s what this music is like, stretching forwards into the future from definite influences that have been built on with love and affection.

Into Forever is a journey into the sound held dear by band leader Neil Rudd, the music I have already mentioned. It’s a tight and flexible album, not heavy for the sake of heaviness and it is never overstated. But loudness and speed are all over opener ‘Velocet Vir Nesat’. The sound settles as the album continues into steadier, softer noises. The music is very grown up, a prog feel envelops ‘Time Enough’ which seems almost robotic in its repetition.

There’s a squelchy, wiggly synth line underneath ‘Shapes and Patterns’ which, when all the hi hat and drums are added makes it into a funky sexy playful dance tune. ‘Vapour Trails’ is quiet and solemn, like a giant’s sleep breathing.


My favourite track is ‘You Are Disko’ which, with its synth swirls and disco sexiness reminds me of Giorgio Moroder. Never a bad thing. In fact none of these tracks are anywhere near bad, they have moved on significantly from the Krautrock and other influences, this is an album for the future, for flying cars and teleportation. It’s a masterpiece in moving forwards, an album for sunshine, clear skies and a view of the moon’s surface.


Eat Lights Become Lights website is here, they are also on Facebook, they can be found on twitter as @Eatlights.

All words by Adrian Bloxham. His author archive can be found here

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