Eagulls Cover Stone Roses – Leeds band step up to cover I Wanna Be Adored

We’ve been banging on about how awesome Eagulls are for some time now, so when we got wind that they’d recorded a version of Stone Roses I Wanna Be Adored for AV Club (the entertainment website affiliated with The Onion) we thought we’d share!

AV Club do this thing where they have a list of songs and each week they invite a band in to choose one track off it which then gets crossed off. As is explained in the video below. The list gets shorter and shorter each week. The latest band chosen were Eagulls who picked “I Wanna Be Adored” by Stone Roses. When asked why they chose it they replied:

“The Stone Roses are a very important British band and we like British music quite a lot, as we’re British.”

…none of which can be argued with. They also have a story to tell which, we shit you not, involves the Roses, Barcelona and elves. We’ll leave them to explain that one though.

Other videos in the series include:

Wye Oak covered Kate Bush.

Wild Cub covered Beyonce.

Lydia Loveless covered Echo & The Bunnymen.

The Men covered Devo.

PUP covered Buzzcocks.

The video won’t embed in the UK so you’ll need to hit up AC Club itself to see it.

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