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E is the trio of Thalia Zedek (ComeUziLive Skull), Jason Sanford (Neptune), and Gavin McCarthy (Karate) While each member has decades of experience in the alternative scenes of rock music, their collaborative efforts have combined in a work that is both unlike anything that’s come before them, and the result of three veterans working in total harmony. On their self-titled debut album, E have developed a sound that is both mechanically oriented and emotional, a combination they could only describe as “soul music for machines.”

E defies expectations – while having no bassist, the sound is driving and with an emphasis on rhythm. Each member sings on the album, bringing their own lyrics and melodies to the table, and sometimes crossing and interweaving with another’s vocals. Where most bands with more than one singer might gravitate towards harmonies, E instead showcases each player’s voice as an individual.

The name E itself is representative of the band – a trio of lines, each equal in length, each sticking out equally from a base. Because each player is so distinguished and distinct in their playing styles, E is able to exhibit total control over their sound, while still focusing on having the freedom to experiment.

And it’s this experimentation and track records of each of the players that make this LP brilliant right from the start. Opener ‘Great Light’ has a great minimalist riff running between the two guitars. There is lots of noise and some great drumming from McCarthy that carries this belter. It’s mostly instrumental with it’s driving riffs and drumming, but Zedek’s vocals eventually come in over the cacophony. Sandford takes a turn and his deep, bassy vocals bring another level to this track that is both welcome and deeply unsettling. Just great stuff.

Follow up ‘Silo’ has lovely harmonic guitars that lead onto some brutal noise, insistent drumming and Zedek’s pained vocals. It’s noisy, yet very evocative. Next up is ‘Delicate Fingers’ and it starts with a very simple guitar riff and Stanford’s bassy vocals again. The result is almost funky! Nice! Screeching guitar noise punctuates the gentleness while Zedek wails over the stabbing staccato guitar.

As the album progresses you get more bouncing drums, minimalist construction, nice guitar riffs, and Shellac esque metallic guitar stabs and noise. Zedek’s vocals veer between Chrissy Hynde melodies and the all out rock voice we are so used to. The sharing of vocal duties works just beautifully. ‘Candidate’ has him screaming “I could be the president!” over gorgeous layers of noise.

And as the LP comes to an end, there is no filler or LP creep coming in. Right up to the end with ‘Fissure’ you get rhythmic drumming, melodic guitar lines building up and up in ferocity to an intensifying climax.  And closer ‘Water’ is as emotive and emotional as any of the preceding tracks. Stanford’s vocals again create an unsettling atmosphere that is punctuated by stabbing guitars and noise.

As a new project by Thalia Zedek, this record by E is a massive achievement and testament to the power of choosing band mates correctly and giving them roles to suit them. The LP has power, melody, noise, subtlety and idiosyncratic song craft and vocal deliveries that lift this record to another level. For me, one of the standout records of 2016.

E is currently on tour throughout the U.S. and Europe after the album’s release:


12. 02. 2016The CrownBaltimore, MDw/ Dave Heumann Group
12. 03. 2016Black Cat BackstageWashington, D.C.w/ Time is Fire, Insect Factory
12. 04. 2016Big Room BarColumbus, OH
12. 05. 2016Empty BottleChicago, ILw/ Crown Larks
12. 06. 2016Grog ShopCleveland, OHw/ Blaka Watra
12. 07. 2016Invocation Presents @ Array SpaceToronto, ON
12. 08. 2016Casa del PopoloMontreal, QC
12. 09. 2016BSP KingstonKingston, NYw/ Peter Aaron/Brian Chase Duo, Aircraft
12. 10. 2016Midway CafeBoston, MAw/ Medical Maps, Lotus Ignite, Articles of Audio
01. 13. 20174ADDiksmuide
01. 14. 2017Den HemelZICHEM, B
01. 17. 2017FeierwerkMunich, Germany
01. 18. 2017JubezKarlsruhe, Germany
01. 19. 2017Ziegel Oh LacZürich, CHw/ Chrome
01. 20. 2017Slow ClubFreiburg
01. 21. 2017KinoEbensee
01. 23. 2017OCCIIAmsterdam, NL
01. 24. 2017KunstHamburg, Germany
01. 25. 2017KuzePostdam, Germany
01. 26. 2017SchokoladenBerlin, Germany
01. 28. 2017ScheuneDresden, Germany
01. 29. 2017Club 007Prague, CZ
01. 30. 2017T-KlubRoznov Pod Radhostem, CZ
01. 31. 2017Forum for Architecture/MediaBrno, CZ
02. 01. 2017GolyaBudapest, HU
02. 02. 2017FlucVienna, Aus
02. 03. 2017MochvaraZagreb, HR
02. 04. 2017MIKKMurska Sobota, Slo
02. 05. 2017Ai BilardiVenice, Italy
02. 06. 2017Sala EstenseFerrara, Italy
02. 07. 2017TBDCaserta, Italy
02. 08. 2017LoopAncona, Italy
02. 10. 2017Le SonicLyon, FR
02. 11. 2017La FerronneriePau, FR
02. 12. 2017DabadabaSan Sebastian, Spain
02. 13. 2017TBCMadrid, Spain
02. 14. 2017Teatro ArnichesAlicante, Spain
02. 15. 2017La RambletaValencia, Spain
02. 16. 2017Be GoodBarcelona, Spain
02. 17. 2017Le MagnetoBayonne, FR
02. 18. 2017Le Bar’HicRennes,Fr
02. 19. 2017L’espace BParis, FRw/ OVO

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All words by Ioan Humphreys. More writing by Ioan can be found at his author’s archive. You can also find him on Twitter at @ioan_humphreys.



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