Durham Punk Festival – live review
Charlie Harper – UK Subs

Durham Punk Festival
15th September 2012

Word & Photographs – Dod Morrison

As it is hard for me review bands, photograph everything and remember all that happens, these are just some of the highlights.

Early in the day were Loaded 44, Control and Gimp Fist.

Durham Punk Festival – live review

Zounds played early afternoon, which was one I was looking forward too as they play my all time favourite song “Cant Cheat Karma”. I’d not heard it live since I saw them play in Aberdeen in the very early 80’s and hoped it would still live up to what I remembered. Right off Steve Lake broke a string on his guitar but he carried on through the whole set with out it. “Karma” was the fifth song in and it was great to sing along. “War” and “Subvert” were also included in the set.

The Business arrived onstage with Micky Fitz strutting about the stage. They only had 40 minutes so it was a quick set, finishing with “Harry May”. They played to the biggest crowd of the day so far.

Durham Punk Festival – live review
Micky Fitz – The Business








     …. The UKSubs came on to the usual roar and sing along, with Charlie on form as usual. The only difference was Chema replacing Alvin on bass for this show.

The most anticipated show of the day was up next – Sham 69 with Jimmy Pursey. Most of the crowd (myself included) were here to see this one. Rumours had started a week before the show that the Cockney Rejects were replacing Sham on the bill, or that Jimmy wouldn’t turn up on the day ”“ these were all bollocks of course, but it did keep the crowd on their toes as show time came nearer.

Durham Punk Festival – live review

The band walked on stage with a gangly Jimmy in the centre, a hoodie on over his head and back to the crowd. He turned around, pulled it off his back and we were off.

“Tell us the Truth” and “Borstal Breakout” were fantastic. Seeing Jimmy on the stage spraying bottles of water at the crowd was great,
“The cockney kids are innocent” lyrics were changed to “George Davis is innocent”. “Angels with Dirty Faces”, “That’s Life” and “Hersham Boys” got the crowd up to fever pitch. “If the kids are united” had everyone singing along with Jimmy, him holding the mic stand over the crowd and banging his chest in appreciation for all the passion that’s felt in the room.

They went off and when they came back on again Jimmy was shirtless, bounding into their version of “White Riot”.

Durham Punk Festival – live review

Jimmy asked the crowd what the time was, with replies of “its time to go down the boozer”. “Hurry up Harry” was played and everyone in the audience put their last bit of strength into singing and dancing for the last song.

This was the best show of the evening and should have been the headline act. It was always going to be hard for the Buzzcocks to follow, they put on a good show singing favourites like “Ever fallen in love” but it was no way near the same level as Sham 69.

Durham Punk Festival – live review

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