Duncan Lloyd

Duncan Lloyd


CD / DL / vinyl

Afternoon In Bed

Released 7 June 2019

The Maximo Park man releases an album that carries him away from the channel of Indie Rock for which he’s best known.

So here’s a fine example of ‘expect the unexpected’. Breaking away from the comfort of familiar territory might be a challenge but for some, it’s more like a therapeutic release. You get the feeling that Outside Notion is definitely a case of the latter. Orchestrated passages possibly influenced by Scott Walker, sprawling jams and emerging layers see Maximo’s Duncan Lloyd branching out into a more thoughtful, mature even,  and considered set of songs.

He’s talked of “each song being a window into something deeper” and “a sense of ambiguity…not everything needs to be spelt out.” Lyrically, there are nods to his father who passed in 2010 although the opening gambit of Historic Elements introduces a light jangly guitar led feel and dreamy pop sentiment while 5am Eyes, the underlying strings and as the title hints, an early hours vibe leaves a lingering scent of melancholy. They’re examples of how Outside Notion picks up on soundscapes where the guitar rock might remain as a core yet the orchestrated arrangements subtly attain the main focus and shift the songs into other contemplative areas.

The title track features Lloyd’s Nano Kino collaborator Sarah Suri on vocals where lines such as  “from abandoned old tombs, where the city once bloomed” create a desolate vision. Closer to home, ‘Til The Fear Breaks might be the nearest relation to his usual template, Journey B the furthest. Courtesy of string arranger Amy May, the latter flows on an almost classical bed of sweeping strings and proves the pick of an album that’s adventurous and soulful. Away from the trappings of the bigger machine, it’s refreshing to find Duncan Lloyd has carved his own niche.

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