Dublin’s Girl Band Announce Flexi Disc Single For Record Store Day – new music from feral, hammering Dublin noiseniksAlarmingly a search of Louder Than War appears to suggest we haven’t featured Girl Band on these pages ever before. Remiss, that, and something for which we  apologise. Anyway, if you’ve somehow managed to miss Girl Band’s grating, hammering, Jesus Lizard on acid brilliance, smart advice would be to familiarise yourself with them ASAP.

First off a shout out to Amazing Radio DJ Jon Hillcock who first brought these guys to our attention back in 2012? Was it? Or early 2013? Can’t remember exactly, but he played their cover of Blawan’s Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage and frankly if, come the end of the decade, it isn’t one of our top 10 tracks of the last ten years some other pretty astonishing music will have been released between now and then. Quite possibly by Girl Band themselves.

The Blawan cover was released initially on Quarter Inch Collective‘s third and final quompilation. Girl Band then released it as a free download via their Bandcamp so feel free to grab it there or via the widget below. The track is one of the most frightening pieces of noise and distortion we’ve ever heard – and we’ve heard a hell of a lot of ‘frightening pieces of noise and distortion’ in our time at Louder Than War – as you’ll no doubt know. It has a wild ferocity and a noise aspect which is so in your face it almost utterly disguises the motorik groove underlying all the noise … and, indeed, by the end of the track it’s devolved into just one unholy mess of noise – an absolute, unmitigated, genius mess of noise that is of course.

Fast forward to January 2014 and Girl Band released a new single, Lawman, on Any Other City, which was picked up by hipster haven P4k (that’s an ironic use of the abbreviation “P4K” to denote “Pitchfork” btw and not a hipster one). Another brilliant slab of noise meets dance meets no wave it questions the very rules of music – how can something this blood stillingly ‘noise’ also be co catchily pop at the same time? In part shedding some of the earlier similarities between themselves and Jesus Lizard (they apparently don’t like to be compared to Jesus Lizard which I don’t understand (or grunge which I do)) it’s a six minute trip to a land of beats and dissonance which oozes “soundtrack to your being swallowed up by a gaping abyss”. And how can I get this far into a piece about Girl Band without commenting that the noise side to their split personality pays more than a passing debt to the industrial sounds of your Test Depts? Anyway, check the track out below and again you can grab it for free from their Bandcamp or via the widget here:

Girl Band have just announced a handful of UK dates in April and their follow-up to “Lawman” will also be released on Any Other City Records. Called “The Cha Cha Cha” it’ll be released on flexidisc, for Record Store Day. As it’ll be limited to 100 copies, and only available in record stores we expect it’ll soon appear on their Bandcamp as a free download the day after Record Store Day!

Girl Band will be playing the following shows:


Girl Band can be found on Facebook and are on Twitter as @GirlBandDublin. And don’t forget to check their Bandcamp out.

All words Guy Manchester. More words by Guy can be read here. He tweets as @guid0man & uses Tumblr.

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