Dub Invaders: Dub Invaders Vol 2 – album review

Dub Invaders: Dub Invaders Vol 2 – (HighTone)
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French dub collective Dub Invaders have a new album full of synth driven dub – great late night urban driving music. Joe Whyte takes it for a spin.

Dub Invaders are a French collective comprising members of High Tone’s roster including Fabbastone, Natural High and Led Piperz. All records, artwork, production and business aspects are an in-house production and this DIY approach has served them well for some years.

Coming on the tail of debut Wake The Town And Tell The People, Vol. 2 is a bass-heavy, dubtastic journey into the dread zone.


I love this type of thing as an accompaniment to late-night driving through the motorways of town and Vol. 2 is an absolutely perfect soundtrack. It just makes much more sense with the bass thumping and the sound effects’ ghostly presence as the city’s lights zip by.

Opener Burn Dem (featuring Fabbastone and Echo Ranks) is a perfect example of the album’s sound. Squelching synth textures, rolling bass and snapping drums wind in as the vocalists swap rhymes and rhythms. As with most of the tracks, there follows a dubbed-up version which if anything, is actually better than the tracks themselves. Stripping these songs down to their bare bones and basically re-texturing them gives them an added edge.

Dub Invasion, something of a call to arms, sees Solo Banton and Led Piperz lead the charge in a style not unlike UK cousins Major Lazer.

If you like your music with a late-night, dub-crazed sinister edge, Dub Invaders Vol. 2 hits the spot.


Dub Invaders can be found at the High Tone website and on SoundCloud.

All words by Joe Whyte. More work by Joe on Louder Than War can be found here.


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