Dragged Into Sunlight Tour

The unique sounding & up till now positively illusive extreme metal band Dragged Into Sunlight are favourites of ours at Louder Than War. Here we preview their upcoming tour.

Once in a while a band come on the scene who are something far removed from others of their ilk. Something that manages to capture everything that is wrong with humanity in sonic form. The very essence of misanthropy, hatred, misery, disgust and despair made flesh.

This band is called Dragged Into Sunlight and for the first time in 3 years, they are heading out on a UK tour.

In November last year the Liverpool-based purveyors of blackened doom released the ‘Widowmaker’ album to great critical acclaim. This 3 part album was by far one of the most extreme, challenging and utterly harrowing listening experiences of 2012 and it was also totally essential.

At the end of the month the shadowy, anonymous Dragged Into Sunlight will play 5 dates.

Expect a monumental wall of metallic, grinding noise created by a band playing with backs turned to the audience, nausea-inducing strobe lighting, clouds of cloying incense and skulls illuminated by candlelight.

The Dragged Into Sunlight live experience is certainly not for the weak of heart, it is not a pleasant thing nor is it something you will leave feeling good about the world. However, for those brave enough to step within, it is an experience like no other.

The atmosphere of absolute, claustrophobic, violent despair that they create is palpable, intense is too small a word to describe the horror.


Lose the will to live and embrace the despair at the following venues.

24th May. The Pint, Dublin, Ireland.
25th May. Birthdays, London, UK.
26th May. Alter Ego, Manchester, UK.
27th May Audio, Glasgow, UK.
24th May. The Library, Leeds, UK.

Support comes from experimentalists and fellow wrongdoers, Bossk

After this UK tour, Dragged Into Sunlight will play the Damnation Festival-curated stage at ArcTangent Festival near Bristol on 30th August 2013 with Earthtone 9 and Winterfylleth.

And also the Incubate Festival, Tilberg Netherlands on 20th September 2013

All words by Andy Santiago. More work on Louder Than War by Andy Santiago can be found here.

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