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Hailing from Bristol, Dr Meaker are one of the most exciting live dance music acts to emerge from the UK in recent years. They have a new single, Right Back, due to drop on 3rd August on which they’re accompanied by Sian Evans (aka DJ Fresh) – and it’s a proper banger. All signs point to it being one of the standout tracks of this super hot summer we’re enjoying and we’re stoked that that Lorna, Tom, Laurent and Clive from Dr Meaker have taken time out of their heavy promotion schedule to put together a 15 track list of some of their favourite tunes from the past and present. Check it out below along with more about the single.

Dr Meaker have broken the mould with their unique fusion of sounds earning them fans across the globe. They’re a bonafide underground staple and have huge crossover potential too and the new single promises to do just that for them. They’ve had loads of support from national radio for the new single so far meaning soon you won’t be able to step out the house without hearing Dr Meaker’s Right Back – which will make a pleasant change from the usual cack that fits into that category. The track itself is full of festival energy with its killer brass, vocals and classic funk sample (Dynasty’s ‘Adventures in the Land of Music’ as used by seminal hip hop crew Camp-Lo in the 90s) and frankly if this doesn’t go stratospheric we’ll be very surprised.

The band have a few live dates lined up which you can find at the foot of this page. They’ve also announced that you can get hold of the Nathan Dalton remix of ‘Right Back’ by Dr Meaker feat. Sian Evans right now, absolutely free. All you need to do is “Shazam” the original track and you’ll receive directions from there on what to do next.

Hear the new single: ‘Right Back ft. Sian Evans’ below or on Soundcloud – and if you like it here are links to pre-order it:


Dr Meaker’s favourite tracks past and present (in no particular order)…

Aretha Franklin – Angel

Love this song. Aretha at her best. I love to sing it and it’s so effortless yet complex… So much soul. (Lorna)


The Prodigy – Smack My Bitch Up

The energy and distortion in this song are second to none (apart from maybe Firestarter!). I remember seeing The Prodigy playing this for the first time at The Essential Festival in Brighton and it truly was mind blowing. (Clive)


Fugees – How many Mics

It’s the bass and beat that get me on this. Great lyrics. So deep and original. Timeless vibes. (Lorna)


Stevie Wonder – Visions

I was first played this at a young age and it’s just stuck with me. It’s a classic, deep, less pop Stevie track. Soulful and interesting and I don’t get bored of it. (Lorna)


Massive Attack – Angel

Similar to Alt-J and from some of the originators of the Bristol Sound. This one is so insidious. Evil Lurks until the Drums drop for an all out assault. The dark side of Massive Attack at it’s best. (Clive)


Rae Morris feat. Fryars – Cold

An extremely interesting collaboration that captures the awkwardness of falling out of love particularly well. (Laurent)

The Horrors – I See You

Such an under rated British group but I absolutely love their music and are one of the few artists that get better and better after each studio album, really diggin their current sound! (Tom)


Bipolar Sunshine – Deck Chairs on The Moon

There’s a certain coolness to this track that is hard to describe. It transports you to a far away psychedelic place – a very happy psychedelic place. (Laurent)


The Midnight Clock- Resurgence

My good friend from Canada is the guy behind this music, he has some great music, this is one of my favourites, great techno music, big things to come from him! (Tom)

Jhené Aiko – The Pressure

Everything about Jhené Aiko is so smooth. Her vocals are silky, her lyrics are earnest; and this track is a perfect combination of both. (Laurent)

(This track can’t be embedded – go check it out on Soundcloud.)

ALT-J – Hunger of the Pines

I love the fact that these guys are one of the only bands at the moment who are totally doing their thing without compromise and still getting played on Radio 1. Love the dark and creeping atmosphere on this record. (Clive)


Jungle – Busy Earnin

Found out about these guys a while ago and this track really caught my attention, i like their unique sound. (Tom)


Phillip Bailey – Children of Ghetto

This song gives you that summer haze vibe of the 1970’s/80’s ghetto’s in America, the hardship for families and children growing up there which it how it conveys in Spike Lee’s film ‘Clockers’. It’s magical. (Lorna)


Gesaffelstein – Pursuit

This track for is killer, love the production and the video is pretty epic too, I really love the use of synths and the big beat on this track, great driving music! (Tom)


AIR – All I Need

There is a certain nostalgia about it which really speaks to the soul. I love the production, Minimoog & Rhodes piano. Every element is perfect and it’s so chilled out. (Clive)


Upcoming Dr Meaker live dates:

  • 08/08/14 – Boomtown Festival – Winchester
  • 30/08/14 – Wide Eyes – Lakota – (Dj/pa Set) – Bristol
  • 05/09/14 – Outlook Festival (Dj/pa Set) – Croatia
  • 27/09/14 – Tokyo Dub Festival – Wonka Vision Stage
  • 08/11/14 – Unit 37 Dnb – (Dj/pa Set) – Plymouth
  • 11/11/14 – The Bunker – (Dj/pa Set) – Bristol

Dr Meaker’s website is here: drmeaker.co.uk. They’re also on Facebook and they tweet as @DrMeaker.

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