Doyle And The Fourfathers v the BBC
Doyle And The Fourfathers v the BBC

Doyle & the Fourfathers – Banned By the BBC?

Doyle And The Fourfathers v the BBC

LTW was lucky to be the first place to review Doyle and the Four Fathers new EP ”ËœOlympics Critical’ having a correspondent in their hometown who had received a final mix pre-release copy of the four songs. At the time the Press Release had not been drafted and it was during the run up to local and London mayoral elections.

Once it appeared, the PR, reproduced by Rough Trade on their website, said “conceived as a response to an almost complete absence of cultural opposition to the issues of the day, Olympics Critical finally hits the shops and airwaves just in time for the previously (online-only) available track – ‘Welcome To Austerity’ – to be banned by the BBC under the Representation of the People Act.”

Was this a bit of spin or exaggeration on the part of the band’s management? It seems not.

Interviewed for LTW (online soon) William Doyle revealed that the ban was fact.

“It’s not hype at all, to all intents and purposes it’s true. {A friend at the BBC} told us that BBC Radio wasn’t allowed to play ”ËœWelcome to Austerity’. We checked with {another BBC insider} and they confirmed it was true. It’s ridiculous. I know they have to be impartial but ”¦ it’s mad”.

The song was written about in, of all places, the Business section of the Guardian last year who said, quoting the lyrics:

“I went to my local library to go and borrow books for free but to my shock and my surprise the library had met its demise”, and culminates with: “Chancellor, you’re not the only one who swings his axe around for fun. I have been known to wield my own and I am quite accident prone. And I’m not alone.”
As background music to recession and economic despair, it’s not quite the Smiths or Billy Bragg ”“ but it’s a start.

The BBC seem to be remaining tight-lipped about the ban. They haven’t answered our emails or enquiries from the band asking if the ban has been lifted now the elections are over. The fact that the EP title is ”ËœOlympics Critical’ probably hasn’t helped matters, what with the sensitivity of the BBC to any criticism of The Olympics, given they’re the host broadcaster. A fan-made video for another song from the EP, ”ËœPay Attention To Your Public’, features footage of riots.

So it seems that a mild-mannered, extremely talented, smart-pop band from Southampton have joined the ranks of such firebrands as the Sex Pistols, Frankie Goes To Hollywood and Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin and been banned by the BBC.

Ged Babey said in the LTW review of the EP that it was. ” The sound of a new generation of indie-band realising that they have no choice but to be ”Ëœpolitical’ in days like these“. It looks like there is a distinct effort to ensure that sound is silenced.

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  1. Is it 1981? Did Billy Bragg die (sic) in vain? Did Arthur Scargill’s struggle mean nothing? When Will The Children Learn!!!


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