Morrissey is not one to bite his lip and hold his innermost thoughts back.

Even if he is causing himself problems.

Glastonbury is the biggest festival in Europe and a festival that could be a big slot for the legendary singer. This year they even have that open Sunday night headline slot on the main stage that needs filling and no-one to fill it. Still.

Moz could have been a good bet but on his True To You website he has posted an animal right blog that is aimed directly at Michael Eavis.

There are lots of good points about animal rights in the piece and plenty of barbed remarks at the farmer turned festival promoter that will make a reconciliation tricky unless the farmer turns a blind eye because, famously Mr. Eavis seems to let these things wash over…

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  1. While I applaud his condemnation, I am constantly confused. Is Mozz a vegetarian of the foolish halfway house variety or a vegan? I was informed that cheese and tomato paninis were on sale at the Cardiff gig….which I attended for Buffy Sainte Marie and stayed on for part of Steve’s set. The anti-carnivore propaganda movie was impressive. So veggie or vegan? I think we should be told!

      • Yes!

        Dear Mr Mozzer

        My fellow vegan and I want to know if you support the The Axis Of Veal Evil.

        Considering the commendably way-over-the top visuals at Cardiff and your swingeing attack on Upsidedownhead Venture Capitalist Eavis.

  2. I don’t eat meat I do drink milk and I do go to Glastonbury and I have watched Morrissey a couple of times over the years – I think what he has to say here may have caught more peoples awareness had he said them from the pyramid stage in front of the 50,000 people and the BBC cameras and not hidden behind a typewriter a couple of years after receiving his fee for appearing there.


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