Dope Body Announce New Album – Listen To The New Track Hired Gun Now

Baltimore noise rock band Dope Body snuck into the lower echelons of our “albums of the year” list back in 2012 with Natural History, so it goes without saying we’re stoked to have just received the news that there’s a follow up album from them on the horizon – and even more stoked that they dropped a taster off of it yesterday. Scroll down to hear it, and for more info about the album of course.

Titled Lifer the album will be the second Dope Body release to come out on Drag City. It’s slated to drop on 20th October and all indications point to it being a further refinement of their sweaty, garagey, basement rock fuzz-noise, a sound which started off loud and deranged only to mellow slightly with each further release until their last album which included, god damn them, proper nuggets of tunes; or at least something for those of us who like to tap our feet along to grinding riffs, distorted guitars and crunching drums to get out teeth into. Gloriously primitive, Dope Body have been described as playing “Dude Rock” but that’s poppycock – there’s something in their sound for everyone and the further they plough on with their careers the more that becomes the case. So yeah, we’re expecting great things from Lifer, great things that the first track off it, Hired Gun, suggests it’s going to deliver.

About the album we’re told:

“…(the track) Repo Man showcases the progression of the band’s songwriting, a creeper, crooning with an oscillating bass groove before whipping into a frenzied stomp. Day By Day has a propulsive sound, demonstrating the band’s frenetic spirit and Hired Gun is pure sonic pyrotechnics with a forward-evolving, dynamic range of loud / soft / loud and a big sing along chorus. Where most songs showcase singer Andrew Laumann’s rhythmic ability, Rare Air is one of the first Dope Body tracks that exhibits his talent for constructing melody.”

“Although it is tempting to imagine the members of Dope Body emerging from some rock and roll cave to terrorize yet again with a new wave of Sabbath-refracted mayhem, when these musicians and fine artists get together, the storm brews, songs are rocked and written and we’re propelled into another sweaty go-round. This is actually a controlled demolition, planned but with room to take down additional structures.”

The sneak preview off the album is Hired Gun. In short, it’s surfer-stoner-garage rock at it’s broken down sleazy best. Frankly it’s an unholy mess of guitar perversions, ones which are trying and just about failing to hide a sing-a-long chorus that’ll no doubt be guaranteed to get you mic grabbing when you catch them touring the album (something we can only hope they’ll do over here in the UK as their live shows are legendary). A sonic assault that crescendos along at a helter-skeltering  pace, we think you’re going to like (and think you’ll probably freak out to) Hired Gun.

Dope Body’s Drag City page is here:

They can also be found on Facebook and they tweet as @DopeBody.

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