Dolores O’Riordan dies aged 46;


The Cranberries singer Dolores O’Riordan has died aged just 46;

Her publicist has just confirmed the news in a statement which reads: ‘The lead singer with the Irish band The Cranberries was in London for a short recording session. No further details are available at this time, though it had been previously reported that she was suffering from ill health.

In a short statement, it said that family members are “devastated” to hear the breaking news and have requested privacy at this very difficult time.

Having formed in 1990 the band became one of the most successful rock acts of the era, The Cranberries sold over 40 million records worldwide before splitting in 2003 – they reformed in 2009.

As soon as we have further details we will post news.


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  1. A lot of old NME/Melody Maker writers from the early/mid 90s are going to be ecstatically HAPPY bunnies tonight, I guess …

  2. ((you’ll need to scroll down to the second article on that page)

  3. screwtape's auntie

    Wow – I read that Everett True article and felt shocked. S/he/it was a nasty little bitch/dude/person of undecided transferring identity.

    To attack a person like that – is that how the music press used to be? If so, I celebrate its death.

  4. screwtape's auntie

    During his time on the weeklies, True became one of the UK’s most controversial music journalists – some appreciated his enthusiastic tone, while others were bored and irritated by the narcissistic, self-serving nature of his work.

    ( I looked up Everett True and she/he/it seems to have written that attack on talented Dolores O Riordan to establish this agenda. Yawn)

  5. I’m not sure of the entire story, but about the time she married Don Burton, the couple had a disagreement with pretty much everyone who knew them in the alternative/indie music sector and it was WAR from that point forward.

    A lot of them seemed to hate Him even more than Her – I recall one former Melody Maker writer – okay I’ll name names, it was Simon Price – posting online about how she was never the same after she met That Dreadful Man.

    Part of the problem was that her previous husband before Burton – whom she accused in press interviews of beating her up – was quite a popular figure on the indie scene with plenty of mates and connections.

  6. Oddly a lot of Melody Maker writers are posting glowing testimonials to her on their facebook feeds…

  7. that's not writing, it's typing

    Just read that Everett True piece – the self serving arrogance of music journalism summed up in one piece – no wonder no-one really cares about music writing any more – Melody maker in the nineties killed it dead.

  8. I wonder how the old journos will react when Louise Wener pops her clogs? (assuming they don’t all go first)

  9. Oh by the way, re Dolores vs Everett, it all kicked off again in 2011:

  10. screwtape's auntie

    I hope Dolores O Riordan has not committed suicide.

    If it emerges that this is indeed the case, I do think that Everett True has blood on his hands.

    Seems to me that the music writers of his demonic nature, actually killed music. That’s the problem with cannibalism. Eventually you run out of human flesh to sink your teeth into.

  11. screwtape's auntie

    Lucy Gulland
    Oh dear, what an idiot she really was. Poor stupid cross Dolores. Was Melody Maker really clamouring to talk to her in those two years though? I’ve lost any sense of how big/relevant/worth talking to the Cranberries were: they seem such wretched nonentities from here. Btw, the reason on your list for hating her that resonated most with me was her voice. It could have been such a beautiful thing. And she fucking wasted it. I was almost fond of her for her lyrics, they were so monstrously poor.

    THIS FROM LUCY GULLAND… another cannibal. Wonder if these people ever feel guilty, or are they just sociopaths who find that they gain energy from hurting talented, creative people? I used to know a bunch of born again Christians in New Cross Gate who were very much like that.

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