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Louder Than War’s been aware of the brilliance of Doldrums for some time now. You could say we’re a tiny bit besotted. Indeed, we’ll go as far as to say Lesser Evil is a an album you need. You may not know that yet of course, & if so we recommend you read on.

My friend Stan’s gone missing. Well…not exactly missing…he just wont be back for a while.

He was last seen with a pickaxe and duracell powered torch saying something about going in search for some hidden swooning, shoe gazing indie music hidden somewhere in the depths of that new My Bloody Valentine album. I expect he’ll return with arms full of the darn stuff but I reckon it may take him a while. I’d have gone with him but I’m quite looking forward to the next Olympics and anyway i’ve plenty of stuff to get on with at ground level.

This Doldrums album is almost as challenging as well, but this’ll take days not years to decipher.

This album has lots of wobbly bits in it just like the MBV new release. There’s also a lot of inappropriate burps, crackles bleeps and buzzes thrown in too. It does work well though. It helps distinguish the difference between music you can listen to around a swimming pool with all your mates and the music you listen to at 6am after you’ve been in the festival dance tent for two days and you’re now begging cigarettes from the only person still awake around that smouldering bonfire. This is definitely the latter and I can’t wait for summer just to walk around in the hope that there’ll be a dozen casualties I can find lying around half asleep having half conversations intermittent with a little half arsed dancing before everything goes all a bit weird again.

With this being played in the background.

it’s all the little bits of simple electronic pop that are hidden underneath all the chaos that come up and grab you every few minutes. Just as you’re beginning to “tut” about the racket, you realise there’s a bit of a method in this blokes musical madness. A bit of noisy “Royksopp” maybe? noisy, fucked up “Blondie” disco? Noisy fucked up blissful “Goldfrapp” ?


They’re not really like Animal Collective as I believed previously but they’re equally as unconventional stroke listenable and a lot more poppy than I expected – but definitely not as much as they may’ve been tempted to include.

I think he’s fucked it all up on purpose you know (Airick Woodhead). Had he not have thrown every bloody bleep, crash and ding dang dong on this album this would just be a normal everyday 80’s sounding pop album. And we don’t need another one of those do we?

This is another album of clattering beeping dancy electronics with sounds that may have been taken from almost anywhere. It’s the sound of your water pipes banging against the brick wall outside whilst you’re trying to host a disco in your living room. Its the man with the drill digging up the road whilst you’re trying to park the car. It’ll annoy you in some places and help you party in others. That is, of course, if you invite anyone.

Remember when you owned an album years ago, played it to death but never bought it up in conversation because you thought that no one else would like it, but years later you all learnt that you’d all had it and thought the same? This is that kind of album. You just don’t know it yet.

…and a whole Doldrums review without mentioning GRIMES.

Do I win anything ?


All words by Keith Goldhangar. More writing by Keith on Louder Than War can be found here.

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