Dodgy Northern Soul Launch

Dodgy go all out to pay homage to Northern Soul with their new single with an all-nighter at Wigan’s Rose Club and themed merchandise.

Northern Soul has had more revivals than Wayne Rooney’s hairline, but one thing is for sure; it is almost universally loved. Music fans from all sub-cultures and age groups have a favourite Northern Soul tune, whether it’s an upbeat classic like Frank Wilson’s Do I Love You (Indeed I Do), or one of the more obscure tunes like Judy Street’s What.

It’s a genre that spans the cut-throat world of those who still follow the codes of dress from Wigan Casino’s heyday and who strive to have the most impressively well-stocked record boxes, through to cheery film soundtracks, and wedding discos nationwide.

Since it is a genre deeply embedded in the ’60s when the tunes were recorded, and the ’70s when they became massively popular in huge dancehalls throughout the North of England, it is now a nostalgic movement. Contemporary films such as Elaine Constantine’s Northern Soul successfully bring back the music, adventures and imagery of the Northern Soul followers of the ’70s, and subsequently have caused another revival among young music fans that are experiencing the wonderful sound of Northern Soul for the first time.

But what happens when you want to do something new with Northern Soul? What happens when you’ve heard every Northern Soul track there ever was, and want something new? It’s like watching the last episode of the last ever series of a favourite television programme and thinking, “No! This can’t be IT! Why can’t there be more Northern Soul?”

Happily, some Northern Soul fans who also happen to be great musicians had the same thought, and didn’t see why not. Nigel Clark, Mathew Priest and Andy Miller of Dodgy have all been Northern Soul fans all their lives, and decided to write and release their own Northern Soul single.

This Love Is Bigger Than Both Of Us is to be released as a 7” vinyl single with a download code for those still wanting a digital version for completeness. It is a fantastic taste of Northern Soul, with a great and recognisable Dodgy twist. It’s just enough of a soul sound without leaning into tasteless pastiche territory, and features spine-tingling backing vocals from Ultrasound’s Vanessa Best.

In order to launch This Love Is Bigger Than Both Of Us, Dodgy have gone all-out to capture the real essence of what is most loved about Northern Soul. There is even themed merchandise, featuring re-imagined ‘keep the faith’ logos. But best of all, on 20th October there will be an all-nighter launch party in Wigan’s Rose Club, the original annex club to Northern Soul Mecca, the Wigan Casino.

Dodgy will play live, with a set encompassing their ’90s Britpop hits such as Good Enough and Staying Out For The Summer, plus tracks from this year’s album Stand Upright In A Cool Place, and a handful of Northern Soul covers, which have always been an important part of Dodgy’s set list, for the last twenty years.

The rest of the night will feature some of the best known Northern Soul DJs, playing classic tracks and some more obscure dance-floor fillers. In addition, dancers from the film Northern Soul will be shaking out their talcum and showing the crowd how it’s done.

More information and collectable merchandise is available from

All words by Clair Chapman. You can read more from Clair on LTW here.

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  1. Dodgy where popular on the scooter scene, and still get plays at scooter rallies. I feel that their tribute to Northern Soul is genuine enough, and I am looking forward to hearing the track.

  2. Over two decades and more Northern Soul survived and like a phoenix has now risen from the ashes to be reborn via the big screen in 2013. It’s hard to imagine that music over 40years old can grab the imagination in the manner to which it has. Possibly suffering now from over saturation ever Town or City seems to have an event. Some attract crowds of over 800. Twisted Wheel Manchester said by some to be the birth place of the music! On a Sunday afternoon once a month Soulies decend from all corners of UK for the once Monthly alldayer. Sadly it comes to an end on December 30
    2012 The last one! So glad i have a ticket!
    The New Wheel aka MOHO or The Northern Quarter is way short of the mark! Venue similar to Leeds Central however while both have a sloping dance floor The New Wheel is a mix of 2 by 1 metre boards held together with gaffer tape. Not good enough and possibly dangerous when around 400 + attend. Other venues comeback too Engine Shed at Weatherby is enjoying a rebirth. All helped by one music that is know as Northern Soul. KTF


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