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Bristol based, Hip-Hop Producer DLM Beats (Do More Living) has been creating a positive vibration with his current self-released vinyl ‘Depersonalization’ which offers an abundance of atmospheric blends in sample-based Instrumental beats. Combining a crisp-cut funkiness with smooth textures and an array of soulful samples that are ideal for rapping over or applying your own creative scratch flare too. The album artwork, designed by Jack  Kellyman of Irish independent record label ‘We Grow Wax’ has etched up a trippy psychedelic mood with bright bursts of colour and a fun cartoon style pensive-alien theme. This hand-drawn display seals the overall D.I.Y attitude of the record. Aside from Dml’s hip-hop craftsmanship, D lends his engineering/recording/mixing skills to Wallstreet Entertainment Official Group, a recording studio based in Bristol which focuses on more Trap & Grime based beats.

The album presents twenty-seven beautifully layered and textured melodies and rhythms, which host a range of interesting samples. Tracks such as ‘Feeling Down’ and ‘Saying Yes’ draw upon an experimental glitch sound, as were more soulful, jazzy based beats are presented with tracks such as ‘Keep on trying’ and ‘The Clam’. There are so many classy touches to these superbly crafted sounds, from delicate piano layers to heavy kick tempos.Overall the album expresses a range of atmospheres and moods to highlight what you are sonically seeking.

There is an experimental feel to the compiling of the beats, mixed with a vibrant array of smooth soul, funk, and jazzy elements, sincerely giving nods of the head to the classic B-boy style in its undercurrents and most certainly tilting the scales of digital download back towards the physical aspect of owning a record, enjoying its artwork and ultimately building a creative personalized rapport with the Producer. Dml’s latest Mixtape is also a top drop recommendation to check out as it offers an excellent combination of ethereal beats combined with a funky smooth sway which he offers as a free download on his following Soundcloud link: https://soundcloud.com/dmlbeats/dml-mixtape

DML Website: www.dmlbeats.co.uk

DML Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/dmlbeats

DML Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dmlbeat/?rc=p

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WallStreetWorld


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