DJ Clap: Bliss – EP review

DJ Clap – Bliss EP (Magical Properties)


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DJ Clap scoffs at preconceptions of music and rewrites the rhythms indented in our own minds. Adam Webbow keeps a fresh head and lets it spin madly.

Remember how we used to dance as children? Utterly free, unshackled by established styles and expectations, before genres of music had been dictated to us. We would launch into frenetic bursts of jittery robotic jumps and shuffles. We were unconcerned at the perceptions of others. All we knew was that music was igniting energies within us that needed to be released from our bodies. That instinctive freeing of tensions was a natural high – a giddy roar that stemmed from deep down in our connected humanity. Even if we grow out of this carefree spinning we still recognize it in children or in cats. Cats will jolt into a duel with an inanimate object, somersaulting, clawing at nothing with complete integrity. The madness we see in their eyes is sheer unfettered fun, a wild joy of being alive.

This joy illuminates in the sounds of DJ Clap. His childhood in Phoenix must’ve brimmed with spontaneous whirlings. Now he makes music that shakes the brain. Don’t expect logic or known structures of what makes up a song. Expect sudden flashes of colour and bright light. Expect corridors of doorways to run through and slam shut, with no clues of what lies behind each one. You could open up into the greenest of meadows or into the densest city of the future, so busy and full that your feet jiggled in all directions, always moving, always on your toes.

They call it footwork, juke and futurestep. Words that categorize sounds have their uses in identifying genres but DJ Clap seems to be outside of all that. All manner of musics are splayed across his canvas. His experimental mash-ups of synths and breakbeats aren’t definable by category – this is paint flying onto a wall, melting through the air before a splash impact.

DJ Clap has found an outlet on Magical Properties records, the exploring and adventurous label curated by Los Angeles’ own musical individual Daedelus. The first DJ Clap LP, ‘ Best Night Ever’, was voted 8 in FACT magazine’s “10 Best Albums We Missed In 2013”. This EP – ‘Bliss’ – has hovered in the airways since, as a taster of his upcoming second album.

The four tracks here are answerable to nobody. ‘Hopeful Hearts’ scatters caution to the wind. Minimal with slaps of insistent noise, ‘Luv’ skips with mis-steps and ever altering strides. ‘Dizzy Dazzle’ is provocative and daring. The last piece ‘Let Yourself Go’ is an apt instruction to the listener.

You have to open your mind before truly hearing these retroflex cadences. You must reconnect with that giddy roar and those explosions of uncontainable expression. It’s almost like sounds emerging directly from the synapses – electrical pulses firing along cerebral expressways. It’s like chasing the Road Runner. His music speeds into a nextness and if you absorb the outpouring force, this luminosity will make you squint.


Find @therealdjclap and @magicalprops on Twitter.

All words by Adam Webbow. Find his Louder Than War archive here and on Twitter



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