DJ Brown13: F.A.T. (Fuck a Title) EP – ep reviewDJ Brown13: F.A.T. (Fuck a Title) EP (Turntableizm)


March 13th 2013


DJ Brown13 is a renowned turntablist on the underground Hip-Hop scene, whose own dedication, hard work and obvious passion for spinning records / manipulating sounds has helped him develop a respectful following. His abilities on the 1s and 2s can be seen weekly on the Turntablizm Show, and now with his second EP F.A.T. (an acronym for “Fuck a Title”) under his belt, he’s attempting to prove his worth as a producer.

I reviewed Brown’s joint EP with Jus Daze, Bow II The Bow, last year, and as impressive as that was, I have to say F.A.T. takes things to another level. Representing New Jersey and featuring a whole range of emcees and some very diverse production, F.A.T. makes a statement that Brown is not holding back and making a serious go of it as a beat maker.

Certainly, as the first track ‘So Jerz’ kicks in and emcee CF begins spitting, it would seem that Brown isn’t fucking around. At the spine of the DJ’s production is that hardcore boom-bap (that I’ve long been a fan of), with funk and rock influences being tossed in for added appeal. Brown certainly knows how to cook up a good beat from the evidence here, with the highlights being the guitar-laden ‘Don’t Waste Your Time’ and extremely hard-hitting ‘Gas Mask Kids’ (featuring Black Irish and Crooked I).


The guest emcees are hardly half-arsed hype grabbers, either. Turntablizm’s own Johnny 3 Rounds seems to murder everything he touches and features on two of the tracks here; while there’s just as much emphasis on bars as hooks from the other cats involved. Jus Daze is breathless on ‘Victim Of A Vic’; and unsigned hype Maffew Ragazino shines on the slowest, most soulful track of the album (‘War Goes on’), with AG Da Coroner more than holding his own.

F.A.T. is strictly lyrical record that exhibits true talent from various corners of Hip-Hop; expertly mixed by PF Cuttin and featuring some dope artwork from Sueworks on the cover, everything holds up extremely well. DJ Brown seems to put his all in everything he does and I, for one, don’t feel the need to shy away from giving him due props for his musical efforts: Mr Brown, I salute you, sir!

DJ Brown13’s website is HERE. He’s also on Facebook HERE & tweet as @DJBrown13 

All words by Andy Carrington. More writing by Andy can be found at his author archive. Be sure to also check out his website, too.

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