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Diy Label Gnar Tapes Music Videos SpotlightGNAR TV! The Gnar Tapes label unveil music videos on their YouTube channel for some great, brand new summer releases.

Previously I have professed my love for Portland’s super chill, self-releasing music enterprise Gnar Tapes (here and here), and it now seems others are swiftly catching on.

Recently they received recognition from the Huffington Post UK when several of their artists featured in Todd Cochran’s ‘Best Songs of 2013’ shortlist, and this year they’ve begun putting out split releases with the Burger label, which is similarly run by unassuming stoner romantics who share the same commitment to diversity and productivity and good music above all else!

What seems to set Gnar Tapes and Burger apart from the other major players on the scene is their lack of pretense and total accessibility to fans; no matter how wacky or larger than life the personalities involved may seem, there is a relaxed spirit of fun and a reassuring humanity behind it all, and the feeling that you can be a part of their awesome world.

And you, too, can join in on the fun and smoke-fueled shenanigans right now by subscribing to GNAR TV, the Gnar Tapes YouTube channel. Get the latest new releases and tour updates, sing along with the boys to your favourite dank jams, view hilariously stupid yet brilliant low budget video clips that I guarantee you will contain some of the very best images you will ever see (including an otherwise naked cupid-winged Unkle Funkle presiding over White Fang’s mood lighted hot tub session, to name just one), even smoothie recipes are shared…!

If that’s not enough to tempt you in, below are a few videos to get you started:

First up is the world premiere of “I Wanna Get Baked (With a Baker)” from this year’s Eat Yr Heart Out by Love Cop, the bedroom recording duo of Duffy Rongiiland and Phil Salina who relocated from New York to bring Portland dark, reverbed pop which could have been written by a stoned, star-crossed Romeo in the 80’s.

The vocal sound on “Baker” is saturnine yet sweet, reminiscent of the Jesus & Mary Chain tracks sung by William Reid, and the up-tempo drum machine beat and wistful guitar strum is a winningly catchy combination, but you don’t need me to tell you that – just watch the video!


Peep that cassette stack at 22 seconds in for your next music shopping list to satisfy all your listening needs, watch a girl in a lingerie slip jumping on a bed, plan a rooftop cake tossing party, and learn how to give yourself or your friends decorator’s icing Love Cop butt tattoos!

Next is “Bad Boys” by White Fang, the first clip from their newly released album of Gnarly summer jams, Steady Truckin’ For Summer.

Whenever I feel bummed out I watch a White Fang video, everything they do is the ultimate downer antidote. If they take one thing seriously, it might just be their dedication to partying.


BOOM! is Izak Arida of The Memories, Guantanamo Baywatch drummer Chris Scott, and Derek Vern Lawrence. The super cute and catchy “Stop Look Listen” is the first video from their Get A Grip cassette which came out just last week on Gnar/Burger Records!


…And luckily out just in time to be shared here, a powerfully emotional rendition of 80’s megahit and karaoke party standard “Africa” by our friends Free Weed and Unkle Funkle, featuring Pangea and Mean Jeans, which is (dare I say it?) perhaps even better than Toto’s original. It is the perfect super cheese synthesiser anthem, how can you not be moved (towards that steaming 12″ pizza box or the fridge to pop the cap off another beer bottle)??


Enjoy this and more on the upcoming 4th of July compilation 2 Sides 2 Summer, which you can listen to on Bandcamp here in the meantime.

The future is Gnar! And it’s toking over the world.

The Gnar Tapes YouTube channel can be viewed here, and you can also follow your Gnarnia buds on Twitter and Facebook.

All words by Carrie Quartly, you can read more of her writing on the site here.

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