Disneygate: Disney Stop selling Joy Division shirt

Disney withraw Joy Division inspired T-shirt

Well that was quick… Two days after it went on sale, Disney have pulled the Joy Division Unknown Pleasures done as Mickey Mouse T- shirt. 
A company spokesman said that after all the fuss, including this condemnation from the band, they were revising the situation… 
Shame: we were getting to quite like the shirt in a tacky kind of way… 

Disneygate: Disney Stop selling Joy Division shirt


  1. Wish I’d bought one now!!

    Really couldn’t understand why everyone was getting their knickers in a twist over it anyway, I thought it wasd really funny (almost as funny as when The Scissor Sisters covered “Comfortably Numb” and got all the denim rock bores all upset).

    The band never owned the image: they found it; cleverly appropriated something that already existed and manipulated it for their own purpose, then someone else did likewise. I’ve actually seen a number of spoofs of the hallowed waveforms over the years, some of them worn by Joy Division fans too.

    People who get self-righteous that songs, imagery etc are “sacred” and get in a tizzy over cover versions that aren’t to their taste need to get a grip if you ask me.


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