Joy Division Micky Mouse T shirt
'that's a bit Micky Mouse...' Joy Division T drummer hits out...

It was once a picture of the radio waves of a dying star found in a Manchester library book by Bernard Sumner of Joy Division that was given to sleeve designer Peter Saville. Saville reveresed the colours and created one of the most iconic record sleeves of all time.

In the last few years it’s been used on lots of T shirts far removed from any of its original meaning but we think this one is about as far as you can go…

Disney are selling their take on the famous sleeve as Micky Mouse on their website… it has a genius all of its own.

Joy Division Micky Mouse T shirt
What next Joy Division oven gloves? Disney releases Joy Division Micky Mouse T shirt


    • So fecking wrong…as Peter Hook(former Joy Division & New Order bass player) once said about Pro-Nazi sympathies engendered in the band names famously said & I quote “the name “New Order” was used in “Tron” but no one calls Walt Disney a Nazi!!” Now that same corporate entity wants to bastardize this sacred object….NOOOOO!!


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