After a week of controversy, Facebook pimping and loads of free publicity from the Daily Mail, Ding Dong The Witch is Dead entered the charts at number 2. (as someone says it could have sold a million and still been number 2!)

The song was pushed as an anti Thatcher and captured the public imagination.

The BBC played a short clip of the track and had an odd newsy explanation of the track in the countdown unlike the Daily Mail who had the whole track running on their website last week whilst slating the BBC for potentially playing it.


Weirdly they played the whole of the Not Sensibles ‘I’m In Love With Margaret Thatcher’ which, despite a big campaign from the Tories only got to number 35. Not sure how that was deemed not offensive to play whilst Ding Dong was too offensive…and how are they ever going to show Wizard Of Oz on the TV again!



  1. As Weller said ‘exactly which part of Eton Rifles didn’t he get?’ on learning it was Cameron’s favourite Jam song. He probably thought it was about what a jolly school it is.

  2. It’s God Save The Queen revisited, where chart positions are concerned. As for the Sensies, I’m cockahoop that Burnley’s finest was played, and that senile old Auntie Beeb completely missed the irony. I’m having a five-knuckle cabinet reshuffle on the strength of it.

  3. Being the daughter of an ex- miner I think the song should be number 1 in the UK with full air time play not seconds :-/


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