Eccentric Russian bassist Dima Midborn is back with a new video for his recent single ‘Kvartira’ (An Apartment). A typically low-pitched affair – featuring bass clarinet from Andrey Bessonov – Kvartira tells the story of Midborn’s alter ego “travelling from one apartment to another apartment getting drunk and egocentric.” It’s the latest slice of rustic funk from Midborn’s new LP, out later this year.

The self-directed video sees the artist exercising his charm with a presence reminiscent of David Byrne. As if in a Colors Studio fever dream, pastel hues and surreal apartment interiors dominate the backdrop. Endlessly fashion-conscious, here Midborn stakes a claim to be Russia’s most stylish headless-bass player, cycling through a variety of outfits including cow print trousers, oversized bow ties, and tartan waistcoats. As he wrestles with a microphone and cowers away from a smaller version of himself, one senses there may be a deeper meaning here. Watch below:


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Eddie Smith is a music journalist and writer currently based in London.


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