Diiv : Oshin : album review

Diiv – Oshin (Captured Tracks)
Available from 25 June 2012

Harking back to eighties indie with electronic and krautrock influences throughout the new album from Diiv deserves to be on your ‘must hear’ list.

This music opens out. It breathes deeply and expands outwards around you. It feels warm inside. It’s built on the same foundations as eighties indie and their like used and they take that sound and make it their own. The sound is very electronic underneath with an organic bass driving it along. The guitars are delicate and precise.

The music builds up from the start with an instrumental introduction that pretty much paves the way for the rest of the record. The soft electronic sounding drums contrasting with the bass and guitar climbing over it. It’s dreamy and lets you lie back in the music. It has faster songs but they don’t seem frantic. This whole record is a deep breath before jumping into a dark pool of water.

The vocals are very understated, but they add immeasurably to the feel of this work. It works as a whole album. It’s a proper body of work, the music adds to itself and the differences in the tracks, the tempo changes and the tunes moving make you realise that this is a record to be savoured and listened to more than you would imagine.

This is the music you get if you put yourself in the corner of a painters studio with the cassettes and books you see are important to think thoughts and dream dreams. A combination of shoegazing, indie popping, eighties electronic and a smack bang up to the minute view of life.

The sound of the album is wide open as I have said, but it feels like it’s playing just for you, just in your ears and you will become quite possessive over it. Diiv deserve to be the band you like next and best.

All words by Adrian Bloxham. You can read more from Adrian on Louder Than War here.



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