Did Bowie write ‘Where Are We Know’ on Ricky Gervais ‘Extras?

The interent is buzzing with this story that Bowie’s great comeback single may be an updated version of the song he was doing in a sketch on the Ricky Gervais Extras show.

Whilst we think there is a vague resemblence, we are not sure—what do you think?

All together now…’chubby little loser…’

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  1. This is “Where Are We Know” and it’s take one, take one.

    It’s “Now” actually.

    What did I say?

    “Know”. It’s “Now”, as in “How … could you make such a mistake?”

  2. Ste’s comment looks a scream
    Hang him on my wall
    Ste’s comment, laptop screen
    Can’t tell them apart at all


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