Dickie Hammond RIP…

Sad news reached us here at Louder Than War overnight; the premature death of Sunderland born guitarist Dickie Hammond;

Hammond has played with an array of punk bands over the years – Angelic Upstarts, Doctor Bison, Generic, H.D.Q., Hex , Leatherface, Stokoe, The Dipsomaniacs, The Jones, and Toy Dolls.

Dickie first made his mark with HDQ and was part of the line-up that recorded the bands debut album ‘Hung, Drawn And Quartered’ which was released back in 1985;

We are trying to establish the circumstances of his death, though at this time details are very sketchy. He had been in ill-health and had been admitted to hospital in mid August 2014.


  1. I’m shocked and saddened at this news. Dickie was an ace punk guitarist, and got great tone out of that Gordon Smith and Marshall 4×12. My faves were always Grey World and These Remembered Times from the second HDQ album, and of course his contributions to Mush.

  2. Terrible news. I haven’t seen him for donkeys years-since making a leatherface video. I had fond ideas of meeting him again one day. He was a lovely guy and when he was playing guitar he looked like a big kid having the time of his life. As someone else wrote it sometimes sounded like there were three of him playing at once. Very sad.

  3. What a sad loss!
    I heard the horrible news only 2 weeks ago by my son Adrien, 16 and Leatherface fan, and could hardly believe it. A brilliant musician in a great band. Mush is clearly an acme in punk-rock music of all times.
    The first song I listened to was “Not superstitious” in September 91 on the French radio and it was a shock.
    Wiz, Dickie…Who’s next?
    We strongly think of friends and relatives.


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