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Blue Monday- Bernard Sumner of New Order

New Order & Jake Evans-Manchester Apollo 26 Apr 2012 Day 1 with The Vikings.

Diary of a New Order fan : day one of the UK tour


So New Order return home for the first of 2 nights at the Apollo and for the first night of aUK tour. This is my 122nd New Order gig and probably the one I remember the least! Whatfollows is a pasted together report of events from the cast of usual suspects.


New Orders hardcore following are called The Vikings, christened by long time New Order roadie Roger Lyons in an interview, with the name culled from the bands long time intro music.


The day started well with a few late afternoon pints in the Piccadilly Whetherspoons with theGerman Order. One of whome, Norbert is a six foot six architect and a semi legend on theManchester music scene,  (despite living in the German hamlet of Wankum) holding thedubious record of being the first person to be thrown out of Hookys Factory club on theopening night because someone didnt like how tall he was!


We then moved on to the New Union which scared a few off and then on to Rain Bar, whichis where it all gets a bit hazy to say the least. I have no recollection of the gig or how mytrousers come to be completely covered in mud or why I woke up in a Welshmans hotel roomafter 4 hours sleep!


So to the gig, rather than have the same support act every night, the band have decided tohave different acts across the tour. Which for the people going to every gig  (I think thats justme and Mark) keeps it fresh. Tonights support is Barneys cohort in Bad Lieutenant, Jake Evans. Who was on fine form in his warm up show in Heaton Moor on Wednesday.


Jakes set is well received by the Apollo crowd tonight, he even throws in a couple of BadLieutenant songs.

From the opening bars of the instrumental Elegia to the closing crash of Love Will Tear UsApart, the band are well received. They now play with videos professionally accompanying the songs. Gone are the days of 35 minute shambolic gigs where the band were often more drunk than the audience. They look great on stage, with the returning Gillian Gilbert taking up Peter Hooks stage left position. Indeed Norbert says its the best hes seen them this year,and he did the Australian tour a couple of months back. The set is similar to the London gig they played at the tail end of last year, but with the addition of classic late single Here To Stay and Love Vigilantes.


By the time of the after show party Im so drunk, even the bands genial manager Andy can’tpersuade the bouncers to let me in! The next few hours are a little blank, I remember trying toget into fab northern quarter bar Gullivers at 2am and being told to fuck off quite rightly.There are photos of me with a great grin on my face asleep on Facebook so I must have had agood time. I think we left the Black Dog Ballroom at about 5am.


Day one done, day. 2 to follow. . .


Probably more coherently



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  1. As much as I loved the Jake Evans set, I was watching out particularly for any Bad Lieutenant tracks; of which there were in fact none. He sang a collection of new solo material and old Rambo & Leroy songs.


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