So there we were lurking backstage in the bowels (and they smell like bowels…) of Newcastle’s O2 venue on the Misfits/Goldblade tour when we bumped into the legendary Dez Cadena.

Currently playing guitar in the Misfits, Dez is the only person in the history of rock n roll to look younger without his make up on. Mind you his make up is corpse paint so that could have something to do with it.

Dez was the guitar player and sometimes singer (the band’s third singer) in the early Black Flag before giving way to Henry Rollins. He was a key part of that iconic band’s history and has been touring with the Misfits for a good few years now cementing the many connections between the two bands.

He has also regrouped with Chuck Dukowski and Keith Morris in a new version of the classic Black Flag, called Flag, which sounds like an amazing line up, even without guitar genius Gregg Ginn who has his own version of the mighty band on the road soon.
The Misfits website…

Captain Beefheart ‘Trout Mask Replica’


Funkadelic ‘Hardcore Jollies’ (or any of their albums…)


Captain Beyond ‘Captain Beyond’

Masters Apprentices ‘Toast To Panama Red’

Hawkwind ‘Church Of Hawkwind’ (or any of their albums…)

The Ramones ‘Leave Home’

Groundhogs ‘Split’

Willie Dixon ‘Willies blues’

‘My father who was a jazz bass player has a walk on part on this one. He stopped playing music when he got married because he didn’t think it would be right to bring up kids with a musician’s lifestyle’

Wire ‘Pink Flag

‘Also honorable mentions to The Adverts, X Ray Spex, Johnny Thunders/New York Dolls, Buzzcocks, Thelonious Monk etc’



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