Dexys Midnight Runners to record new album after 25 years?

One of the great UK bands Dexys Midnight Runners have reported on their recently set up Twitter account that they are in the studio working ona new album which would be their first since ‘Don’t Stand Me Down’.

The Twitter message said.

‘Dexys new album. Can’t really say why, because it’s hard to put down to any one thing, but it’s working ”“ it’s early days, but so far so good.’ and also posted pictures of them in the studio as proof.


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  1. Brilliant news, can’t wait, saw them on the last tour in Plymouth, they were amazing, and thats from a fan from the very start “Dance Stance”

  2. Could be interesting..or could be yet another ‘wacky Kevin Rowland’ attempt at re-inventing himself. Again. Let’s hope for the best tho’, Dexys were certainly one of the most inspirational bands of the late 70’s early 80’s. If you don’t believe me I can show you lots of old photos from my home town of people walking round in ‘Benny hats’ and/or dungarees. The genius of Kevin Rowland stretched far and wide, but to quote a Goldblade song, sometimes ‘genius is pain’. Let’s hope not this time for Kev and his crew, the original ‘soul runners’…

  3. The band that did the best boldest and bravest debut album of ever. Dared to be different and do it very well. Rowland, Archer, Paterson, Williams et al, legends.

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