Devin ‘Romancing’ (No Evil)
Out Now

Brooklyn singer songwriter Devin has just released his debut album on No evil records. Brad Birch had a listen for us & reports back below.

He looks a bit like Morrissey and he’s got one name. You wouldn’t be too out of order if you were half-expecting fey, twee Postcard Records-y lamentations on love in libraries and liberal lashings of aching in cafes. But this is a tough album that probably has more in common with the cocky strutting of the Arctic Monkeys, The Walkmen (specifically ”“ The Rat) and the children of CBGBs’ tinted New York.

The bulk of the songs on Devin’s (or Devin Therriault to the taxman) debut are energetic, ratty-guitared tracks up to the eyeballs in layers of sound. It’s frantic in places but these songs aren’t just banged out – what’s interesting about this is that at half the pace these songs would be slick-as-chocolate blue-eyed ballads. And it’s this complexity that gives the album so much richness.

The giddy guitars almost trip over themselves, the tumbling basses and drums make it sound like half the record is falling down stairs. But it works. It’s sometimes garbled and sometimes there’s a feeling that maybe they can’t wait get to get to the end of the song, but Devin’s voice matches the intensity of the tunes moment for moment. And the album maintains this energy throughout.

In the slower songs there’s the school-dance cigarette-breath and greasy quiff fondle. We’ve all been there. Or if we haven’t, we’ve listened to albums like this and imagined it.

The album could be charged with being a bit wordy in the fact that almost every inch is crammed with a syllable-rich line, and it could probably do with taking a breath now and again but this is a strong debut and Devin’s completely in his element.

If you’re going to download a few tracks then have a listen to Born To Cry, In My Solitude Too Soon and probably Masochist. Romancing is out now on No Evil.

All words Brad Birch.

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