Friday, November 27, 2020
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The Pink Elephant What female independent artists don’t say

Have you ever wondered why most independent festival line-ups feature mostly male musicians? What about most independent music magazines? What’s on their covers? Not talking about mainstream pop magazines of course, that’s a completely different world I am no part of.

Domenique Dumont: People On Sunday – album review

Domenique Dumont creates a hauntingly evoctative electronic soundtrack for People On Sunday, a landmark silent film. They make a perfect match, says Tim Cooper.

Watch this! Crazy Arm return after 7 years with new video and album news

A shot out of the blue, the Devon punk-roots trail-blazers Crazy Arm release an...

Get SpizzEnergi to xmas number one! watch the video from the punk legend

A poignant anthem to the fading London that is being replaced by the money and concrete that crushes culture out of the streets, the song is about Denmark St and full of the community of xmas. The plan is is to go for the xmas number - another institution that we have lost over the years. 

What Would Gary Gygax Do? by Tim Cundle & Rachel Evans – Book Review

What Would Gary Gygax Do? by Tim Cundle & Rachel Evans (Earth Island) Nathan Brown...