Deja Vega: Manchester Sound Control – live review

Deja Vega

Manchester Sound Control

Feb 2014

This is a trip – a total trip.

The three piece band is beyond.

Beyond a wet mid week night in a  downstairs bar in Manchester and tripping out on long hypnotic songs built around razor sharp rhythm section with that tough driving bass sound that we have always loved that drives these tough, yet psyche songs all the way.

The guitarist is making all manner of great strange noises with his guitar and the songs take you away. This is the modern Brit psychedelia- the kind of stuff that Heavenly Records is dealing out at the moment- the new age of Captain British Trips- a little bit late sixties, a little bit MBV, a little bit post Horrors, a little bit of a walk on the dark side of the underrated Goth scene, a little but drone rock, a little bit back in the grage with the bullshit detector and whole lot fucking brilliant.

Within ten seconds I know the songs, within thirty I’m rushing.

Deja Vu hint at the past but create anew future. They are totally brilliant and with song titles like Glam and Kraut they have stripped away all the edifice and are heading straight into the core of the matter.

They are moving fast. They wrote 5 new songs last week and these are the best songs in the set.

The youth are on fire and the band are finally in the right place at the right time.

They used to be Deadbeat Echoes. I released their single. They were good but now they are fucking genius.

Tonight they re-emerged and it is totally serious business.


Deja Vega’s Facebook page.


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  1. Nice of you to cream about this band, who were very good, but bad etiquette to just fuck off and not bother with any of the other bands

  2. Only caught their very last track last night. I agree amazing performance, that for me over shadowed the other bands. Deadbeat Echoes had a great sound – follow this band

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