Deja Vega / Football FC / The Big Peach: The Deaf Institute, Manchester – live review

Deja Vega|Football FC|The Big Peach
The Deaf Institute, Manchester
Saturday 29th February

The Winsford power trio are back in Manchester to wrap up a mini tour in their adopted home. A sell out months back this is a testimony to how they’re upping the stakes on the live scene with every date, after releasing one of the best albums last year. Wayne AF Carey had to be there to check out this mighty homecoming blast of psych rock delight…

Deja Vega / Football FC / The Big Peach: The Deaf Institute, Manchester – live review

There’s a storm brewing again in town and it’s not just the weather. Pissing down again I head from Oldham St across town to the excellent venue that is The Deaf Institute. A true stepping stone on the journey to the bigger venues for bands with that buzz about them. Deja Vega are on that path right now and nothing is stopping them in their tracks, judging by the amount of t-shirts and flags I can see milling around. They have built a small army of devotees due to their incendiary performances and hard graft without relying on anyone but their back team of DIY friends. Their eponymous debut will be cherished in any vinyl junkies collection.

First up are Manchester’s The Big Peach. They have a proper Sixties vibe about them and are probably not out of place when playing venues like The Cavern as they come across to me like a good Beatles cover band with their own modern take on that era. There is a genuinely good vibe about them and the crowd approve by the sound of the applause they receive. Not my kind of thing to be honest yet I do see the appeal if it’s your kind of thing.

Football FC from Bristol are on of those bands that you’re either gonna love or hate. They start the set with a frontman who has all the lazy swagger of a thousand Oasis type wannabes that try to emulate that cocky bollocks. Yet I like them. After a few songs in they swap singers and the tall blonde guitarist cranks it up and they turn into a different prospect. Balls out scuzz punk that reminds me of a cross between Shame and Strange Bones. They have a plan that needs tweaking (I speak to them later with honesty) which will work. This seven song set will evolve in time as they get their live legs straightened. Especially with strong numbers like Apartment and the chaotic Big Pooki. definitely worth keeping an eye on.

Deja Vega / Football FC / The Big Peach: The Deaf Institute, Manchester – live review

I’m only just getting me fuckin hearing back today. I was listening to The Lovely Eggs new album yesterday and it sounded like the volume in me car was fuckin faulty! That’s how good Jack Fearon is with those guitar effects. From the thundering intro of Telephone Voice, the repetitive sounds of the hypnotic Mr Powder, his skill is immense. At one point it’s like he’s pulled another set of hands out of his arse! How does he do this? I’ve mentioned in earlier reviews a comparison to Kevin Shields. That wall of sound he can create with the backbone of Tom and Mike who seems totally wired into his headspace. We get a few new songs thrown in that just get the audience on the cusp of going mental, especially Seeing Double with it’s sonic sharpness and tight structure. The Deja Vega banners are out over the balconies and the party is in full swing. Chasing drives everyone nuts and Jack does his magic yet again on that fretboard wired into his canny mind. Eyes Of Steel makes the place shudder and you know this is special. Set closer The Test is on another planet. It’s one of those tunes that could go on and on as Jack twists the levels on those effects like nothing else. I can hear whale sounds, elephants, fuckin RAF jet fighter stuff coming from that piece of wood he has as an extra arm. Mike plays that bass like he’s possessed, and poor fuckin Tom ‘Animal’ Webster looks knackered yet enjoying himself totally. A proper fucked up psychedelic end to a night that Deja Vega own. That launchpad is well and truly equipped and ready to fire off across the country!! You need to see this band live…

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Live dates:
Blackpool Bootleg Social – April 4th.
Stockton Calling – April 11th.

Words by Wayne Carey who writes for Louder Than War. His author profile is here and you can catch his  website here

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