Deicide: Fleece, Bristol – Live ReviewDeicide/Destinity
The Fleece, Bristol
19th March 2013

Deicide came to Bristol’s Fleece last week seemingly on a mission to destroy. A mission they accomplished with ease.

On this unseemly cold and frosty March evening, expectations are warming up for tonight’s show at the Fleece. Florida’s godfathers of Death Metal, Deicide, are somewhat renowned for ‘no showing’ due to lead singer and bassist Glen Benton’s hissy fits, but they are confirmed to be in the UK and heading our way.

Mr. Benton has been leading his band for 26 years now, slaying audiences all over the globe and producing some of the most intense death-inspired metal this side of Norway. Their tenth album, ‘To Hell With God’, released in 2011, confirmed that they don’t intend on slowing down, even though they are in their 40s.

Entering the venue, my lateness means I have missed the first two bands, Sweetest Devilry and Karnak, but Destinity, hailing from Lyon, France, more than make up for it. Their brand of melodic death metal definitely gets the blood flowing. Aggressively epic and thrash-laden, Destinity’s Lead singer Mick tries his best to hype the crowd but most are waiting for tonight’s ‘Princes of Darkness’.

Deicide take the stage with the words, “Y’all seem ready, let the ceremony commence!” They break into ‘Homage for Satan’ with the precision of an Exocet missile, bombarding the crowd with an intensity and speed they are renowned for. ‘Dead by Dawn’ and ‘Once Upon The Cross’ follow in quick succession as we are treated to an 18-song set, made up of songs mostly from their last album and their genre-defining eponymous debut. The crowd laps it up and shows the band a hell of a lot of love, proving they have lost none of their ability to sonically pummel and abuse.

The onslaught is delivered with incredible dexterity, virtually carving their inverted sound into your forehead like a brand. It feels like I’ve gone twelve rounds with Satan himself.

Deicide are on Soundcloud, Myspace & Facebook.

All words by Phillip Allen. This is Phillips First post for Louder Than war, when he’s done more they’ll appear alongside this in his author’s archive here.

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