Deh-YeyDeh-Yey: I Am Result – new single and video premiere.

I Am Result

Restless Bear Records

DL all available platforms from 2nd October

Chester post punk two piece Deh Yey hit the streets to highlight the lack of belonging as the youth become marginalised. Wayne AF Carey is on it…


Back in November 2019 I saw this fascinating loud as fuck power duo. Here’s what I said:

“Deh-Yey kick up a storm with a blistering set of loud power punk from Chester. There’s a healthy army of power duos doing the rounds at the moment, however I’m not bored yet. I saw John a few weeks back and was blown away by the almost metal sound. These guys are a different picture. The drummer Tom is like an octopus at times and pure batters his kit around like fuck, while Cash Burns on vocals gives us some dark blues riffage to compliment. And those song titles, I Am Cock, How To Stop A Terrorist, Keepin’ Up With The Cunts. What’s not to like about em?”

I spotted something back then that made me stand back and think. Two young lads not sticking to the formula and writing funny clever lyrics and a sound that packs a punch. This song was originally titled I Am Cock and for some reason I can’t think why they didn’t change it to I Am Fuck…

As I’ve mentioned they’re a bit like John but I reckon more like early Drenge when they were a two piece. The video itself is a pastiche of early eighties video games with a twist. A drug dealing unsavoury character selling all his gear on the way up the ladder who comes crashing back down to find his house has burnt down. Would have been much better than fuckin’ Donkey Kong…

The lyrics are clever yet dark depicting the story of a foster child becoming an institutionalised criminal. “I am a part time dealer, Paranoid can’t see the bigger picture, Anxious, Angry and a well lot fucking nervous, I am result of the social service, I am result of the social service” It’s 3 minutes of pile driving drumming and monster riffs with vocals that don’t ram it down your throat and make you listen. Not their first single but one that may propel them onwards when the live scene returns…






Words by Wayne Carey, Reviews Editor for Louder Than War. His author profile is here

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