6. Picture This

Achingly beautiful song with that totally fab chorus – if you ever need to explain to someone what pop music is then play them this. Now.


7. Union City Blue
Just for the amazing drums – Clem Burke is one of the great drummers of his generation and his deep love of the great British sixties rummers like Ringo and Keith Moon was amped and cranked by the mid seventies New York City street hustle- so much power and yet so much precision.

Debbie is also great on the song as well- another stunning vocal performance.


8. Maria

Comebacks are synonymous with failure. There is nothing wrong than tending your own museum and your own catalogue but expectations of new material are low. Blondie, of course, bucked the tend with their comeback Maria single being full of yearning and beauty and a damn gorgeous melody to make it one of their biggest hits and one of their greatest songs.

What a chorus!


9. Call Me

If anything Blondie were the absolute perfect single band- every single one of their 45’s is a genius slice of the moment and they perfect the coolest of all pop tricks- soaking up the exact moment of all cultural references at the point of relates and making the sound like their own – so Call me is part throbbing disco, part perfect new wave and all parts Blondie.


10 Rapture.

Yes again Blondie pull off that trick, like the Beatles before them, of making the contemporary their own. Listening to early New York rap they soak up its sound and make their own rap record- of course it should not work but it somehow sounds like one of the great rap records and when Debs get to do her rap in the middle it send shivers up your spine because it is pure pop genius.

Part one of the Blondie top 10 is here


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